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It has been brought to the attention of Ferret that Mr Jim Kenyon, Chair Independent Hemsworth Town Council and Mr Alan Draper, Clerk, Independent Hemsworth Town Council are not providing Councillors with agendas which have the relevant information such as reports prior to Town Council Meetings.

Ferret would like to share with my readers the website . This website was set up to raise awareness and encourage good practice in Parish and Town Councils.

Ferret was drawn to Part 3: The Good Councillors Guide, in particular Section 9: Being Prepared

So, the agenda must be specific about what is being discussed and any action which may be required. There are many examples of this not being the case on agendas being distributed by Mr Alan Draper, the Clerk.

Ferret also fails to understand why the Chair – Mr Jim Kenyon of the “open and transparent” Independent Hemsworth Town Council refuses to share reports and relevant information with ALL his fellow Councillors prior to meetings.

Ferret would like to remind all Councillors, if you feel are not fully informed before taking a vote at a meeting that you can and must ask for the item to be deferred to a later date…

By Ferret

6 thought on “Deliberately withholding information from Councillors…”
  1. Oops are you going to correct this Mr Draper? Does this make all decisions taken without being correctly agended, actions required and with reports sent to councillors to study, unlawful.
    Whats your excuse for this, it’s basic to your role as Town Clerk. One word springs to mind, disgraceful, new councillors may be forgiven for not being aware of their rights to receive information but you have no excuse. Are you guilty of ignorance of the basic legal requirements of your role, or just too lazy to type a few extra words or heaven forbid complicit in Kenyon and his scams.

  2. Makes me wonder surely the town clerk must know the correct procedures, he’s got enough letters after his name. I hope they’re not from the same university that Kenyon got all his from.

  3. The Clerk used to publish both the Agendas and the Minutes to each meeting but this changed when the new website was launched. Now, as soon as the minutes are published (which can take months), the Agenda disappears.
    This makes it extremely difficult to match decisions with agendas, unless you create your own copies.
    Also, isn’t it usual to include on the Agenda any correspondence/surveys/reports/briefings which support each item?
    And, any motion which is discussed and voted on at the meeting should be on the Agenda. Does this ever happen at our Town Council Meetings?
    I hate to say this, but as a Town Council, we have fallen well below what is acceptable.
    So, as they say, when you hit rock bottom – ”
    The Only Way is UP, Baby”

  4. Linda – I’ve noticed that too, so I set myself a file up, rather than having to search through all minutes.
    Also saved copies of the livestreams.

  5. this was mentioned at meeting alan draper said it would be on line by thursday i asked if all missing months would also be uploaded he said yes …lets wait and see then? sorry i was on about the finance reports

  6. So, we are expecting:
    Monthly Finance Reports for August, Sept and October 2021.
    A Newsletter through our letter boxes – as mentioned by Cllr Kenyon at the Q & A meeting on 12 Oct 2021.
    The minutes of the Annual Town Meeting on 26 May 2021.
    The minutes for the Extraordinary Town Council Meeting held on 12 October 2021.
    The minutes of The Town Council Meeting on 14 October 2021.
    A written response to all the questions submitted in writing to the Town Clerk before the Q and A meeting on 12 October 2021, as promised by Cllr Kenyon.
    And responses to all the FoI requests which the Town Clerk summarised for everyone, in the L & R meeting on 4 November 2021.
    Sorry, but I do love making lists, it helps me keep on top of things and plan my time, so I don’t miss deadlines.
    It became an essential habit, trying to juggle 3 kids, an ex and a full time job as a single mum!

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