Mon. May 20th, 2024

Ferret understands that most people in the Township believe Mr Ian Womersley- Independent District and former Hemsworth Town Councillor to be an upstanding pillar of the community.

However, a wiseman once said to Ferret:

“Those that Know Ian, think they know him and those that really know Ian, really know him”

Ferret didn’t really understand what this meant, until someone posted this into my burrow:

Ferret can’t understand why Councillor Womersley has tried to remove all traces of himself from Facebook…

By Ferret

20 thought on “Mr Ian Womersley- The façade…”
  1. Says it all doesn’t it, straight from a “family” member. In one way, It’s no surprise to those of us that “really” know him but I personally didn’t think even he would sink that low. So to those of you out there that still think this person works hard for this community, should now question his motives for wanting to give away the Waterpark in a trust to protect it when it had never been endangered, especially when the only person who has stated they wanted it was his fellow Councillor friend Eccles. I’m disgusted with him to say the least, no wonder he’s gone into hiding. He’s a disgrace and not fit to have shared part of his life with a lovely lady. God bless her she would have been distraut at what he has done to her family.

  2. Appalling, my heart goes out to this family who were treated this way at one of the most vulnerable times they will ever endure.

  3. im not getting into this mudslinging i never trusted the man made out he was a man of the community whilst on the beat but in reality totally selfish narcissistic self centered individual, again campaigned on a manifesto made of lies and false accusations i asked for help on 2 occasions never got any joy i also asked if they had conducted a feasibility study for the re opening of the lake side bar and subsequent business plan to find out why it failed previously and what steps they have taken to prevent it reoccurring that was first week oh his mass publicity driven campaign week and induction into htc needless to say im still awaiting a reply. As for billy well he can be proud of the fine young family man he has blossomed into despite the interference of womersley well done young man continue to live your life for your beautiful youn family and erase the toxic womersley out of your life enough of us know him well enough

  4. For once in your life do the decent thing and return the inheritance back to the family where it rightly belongs. You should be thoroughly ashamed but I doubt you are.

  5. I am struggling to comprehend this post today. I honestly felt that Ian was better than this. I have read a lot of the posts on here and feel individually that most can be explained away, however when they are all added together and then this one is added on top it is just so disheartening. Ian had my vote at both Town and District levels last time – Never again.

  6. This is the end of the road for Ian! Another story of lying , dishonesty, cheating and stealing floating to the top of his cesspool career! With some of the truths I have heard about him..he should be stripped of his MBE! This is not mudslinging but fact-sharing about a man who cares for no one but himself! Now as the shady past for all to see is emerging ,It seems his former FB admin..the newly elected mr Folletti is closing his “help the needy” shop! There could be a genuine reason for this of course but one cant help but wonder if there are more things to hide? Shane always finished off many facebook posts with the word Karma! Well for Mr Womersley at least it certainly does look like what goes around comes around !!

  7. Oh deary me that’s rather shocking reading it truly is

  8. So, what’s the solution?
    Ian is, by his actions, retreating.
    Ian has already resigned from Hemsworth Council.
    He’s moved away from Hemsworth.
    He’s virtually uncontactable and no longer has Facebook.
    He looks unlikely to stand again as a District Councillor.
    Let’s learn from this mis-placed trust and move on.
    The future of our 3 villages needs to be our focus, which is far more important than one or two individuals.
    So many people are genuinely contributing to this goal and don’t get the recognition they deserve.
    We can do so much better together!


  10. I totally agree Linda. Each and every day more and more people are having their eyes opened into the actions of a very small number of individuals who are set to bankrupt our Town Council for their own personal gain. Some of these people are millionaires, yet for some strange reason still feel the need to pinch from the rest of us. I believe Councillor Womersley should resign from his district position immediately. He should fall on his sword. If and this is a big if he wants to try and rebuild any trust in himself or his reputation he must also reveal all of the illicit dealings at Hemsworth Town Council. It will all come out eventually and he, as a man with numerous assets has a hell of alot to lose.

  11. Kevin, are you shouting because you feel you’re not being heard, or some other reason?

  12. So, at the moment, Ian Womersley remains one of our three District Councillors until he either resigns his post or loses it in May 2023.
    In his role as one of our Parish Councillors, he did agreed to take on various actions on behalf of the community eg anti-social behaviour. Do we know if he will continue leading on these issues or has this responsibility transferred to another HTC Councillor?
    Perhaps we need clarity around who is doing what on our behalf, especially if he’s also moving out of the Parish. We have seen little progress on many concerns so far, unless I’ve missed something.
    I know that he’s not attended many HTC meetings but, even as a District Councillor, I’m not sighted on any contributions he’s made.
    His successor will hopefully be far more pro-active.
    Also, have you seen the annual HTC News Letter yet? I guess any announcement will be out dated when it does drop through the letter box.
    Also, I can’t understand why we haven’t yet seen the monthly receipts/spend for August and Sept as they have both been approved and signed off.
    Also (sorry!), have you received any answers to the collective questions you submitted last month?

  13. I can answer the last question – We have not received any answers to the collective questions submitted last month.

  14. no i have caps lock on sometimes as a brain aneurysm and double stroke effects my sight and its easier to proof read to correct etc

  15. sorry donald i completely agree i only used the term mudslinging referring to meas i don’t have the facts of this episode but i do know billy and trust his version over womersleys which i have not heard i dont think he ever responded to it

  16. Linda and Ferret
    Regarding the antisocial behaviour, I have attended two PACT meeting, the second one on the 2nd November had the police officers that cover ward 7 – we requested this in the first meeting,
    We raised all the problems we were seeing on social media site etc ( which because they are not reported are not aware of)
    Lyn attended this meeting with myself and others so maybe look out for her write up once published.

  17. Now that makes perfect sense. So sorry to hear you have health problems but glad you have found ways of coping.

  18. you n lyn are a great source of info for our community thank you much appreciated i know a few more dedicated community servants do as well kudos to you all

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