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Ferret loves to hear when events are organised for our older generation. These are the people in society who we should all be looking out for, offering our support and protection during these difficult times.

A tea dance was arranged on 12 October 2021, to be held at the Pit Club in Fitzwilliam.

The Chair of Hemsworth Town Council – Mr Jim Kenyon and his deputy – Mr Stan Wilson had been invited and accepted their invitations for them to sit at the “head of the table”.

The old folk waited and waited…

They didn’t bother to turn up nor did they send their apologies.

In times when you would expect the Independent Councillors to be attempting to build bridges with the people in the Township, they sink to another low.

Ferret should have expected it…

By Ferret

11 thought on “Old folk’s tea dance…”
  1. As was said yesterday by someone, when you think they can’t get any lower another basement opens up.

  2. Good manners cost nothing. Their loss because I bet a lovely time was had by all that attended.
    And thank you to the people that made it happen and took the time to make the food etc.

  3. I assist the old folks treat in my capacity as a volunteer. I was there last night as I have been for a number of years. I have always seen members of HTC present I later learned that they hadn’t turned up. Am I shocked not really let’s face it pensioners in Kinsley and Fitzwilliam don’t kick footballs do they and neither do they live in Hemsworth

  4. Further to my original contribution on this thread and last night’s non attendance at the old folks treat of official HTC representation it only serves what I’ve said for a while which is the current HTC is only concerned with Hemsworth not Fitzwilliam or kinsley it’s utterly Hemsworth centric where its core vote lies in certain groups whose sole intention and preoccupation is of obtaining their own objectives disregardless of others. There is clearly a huge deffecit of democracy in the current structure of HTC in that Hemsworth has nine councillors whereby we in Kinsley and Fitzwilliam have only six so in any vote even what concerns our villages and not Hemsworth we can be out voted even against our democratic wishes. I come in particular to the current sale of the old allotments no one has consulted us meaningfully as to what we think of this sale, what are we to receive as villages from it or is it’s sale to be used to finance a grandiose project in the far end of Hemsworth that will be of little or no use to us. If HTC are so he’ll bent on sports villages build the bloody thing on the land in Fitzwilliam what you already own but that would probably not be much good to your core vote would it. Let’s make something clear folks here and now we in these two forgotten villages are not legally bound to stay part of any administration from Hemsworth we can leave if we so wish and that time maybe coming and for the record there are five thousand of us and I can say this presently a great many of that number would leave in an instant

  5. I fully understand what you are saying but would like to point out that the previous HTC councillors went to great lengths to acquire full highway access to the site. The original access was very narrow and would not have allowed for a legally required highway access into the site to permit development of any type without the adjacent development owners having up to a 50% ransom value of the site. To cut a long story short, the full access was obtained under very difficult circumstances to say the least. This left the council with their options open for the site, it was even discussed should the swimming baths not reopen at Minsthorpe to look at this site as an alternative location. Sale of the land was never discussed. The land was under a covenant untill 2017 and in the last 2 years of the last administration sale of the land was never considered. Please don’t let a few bad apples spoil what we have, let’s work together to get rid of the diseased.

  6. Can I just say that yes football is catered for and it is actually incredibly well attended so I would say it is needed. However please don’t be fooled into thinking Kenyon and his cabal will do anything for football in hemsworth. There has been run ins with Kenyon. One example teams booking pitches then HTC employees trying to stop them playing. Bringing Kenyon up to throw his weight around saying they’ve not booked them, to then have to back down when proof of booking has been shown. Having said that yes there should be more available for the community, but it is very difficult to be everything to everyone in one. There are cricket and rugby teams in the area and I dare say non sport related things. It isn’t always going to be possible to have everything on our doorsteps. I’m far from a fan of the cabal but the local grassroot football teams are doing great things for our young people and have been doing for many many years second/third generations involved. I know not everyone is interested in football. But that doesn’t mean making out that the football clubs are in Kenyon’s pockets. There are football pitches in Kinsley and Fitzwilliam. Kinsley boys have been very supportive towards the local teams. Letting them use their ground for tournaments.
    It’s not the kids and teams fault that Kenyon is incompetent.
    Sorry but I’m sick of seeing comments knocking them as if they’re the bad boys.

  7. Can I just say yes football is more than well catered for and my posts are not in anyway meant to offend or put down local football teams. I agree entirely with your sentiments regarding local football and long may that continue. Back to reality there is no shortage of football facilities in this township we don’t need more of them there is ample football pitches if they are resourced correctly. In addition to HTC facilities there are numerous pitches at schools pitches at Kinsley at least three pitches at the welfare in Fitzwilliam all of which I’m sure could be utilised with a bit of sense and good intentions. Correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t the present incumbents of HTC diametrically opposed to sandy gate the same folk now are pleading a desperate shortage of facilities had they won the day there would have and still yet maybe less of them

  8. oh my an opportunity missed lord n lady of the manner could have attended even donated the famous eccles cakes maybe an expensive laptop was used to obtain the recipes for said cakes least they could do after fleecing our precept funds for the car park street lighting encroaching wall and many other transgressions including setting up of stealing our amenity the jewel in the community set of lowlife charlatans lot of em

  9. I totally agree that there seems to be a bias – but it must be a better approach to attempt to fix what we have in place, rather then create another Brexit, with will just create another set of problems. The Electorate is split 33% Kinsley/Fitzwilliam to 66% Hemsworth, so I would expect to see a leaning towards Hemsworth – this is perfectly reasonable. It’s the extent of this leaning which is in question, mostly because HTC Building is in Hemsworth and most events are held there, (I think). To be fair, Cllr J Eccles did recognise that some residents weren’t able to get to the Celebratory event in Hemsworth, and offered a separate event for them at the Waterpark Cafe Bar. Although this isn’t a totally inclusive solution (ie allowing everyone equal access and not treating people differently), at least there’s some thought behind it. I just wish Councillors would stop assuming they know what the public want and find a way of engaging with us beforehand, (perhaps using IT platforms or some other innovative method).

  10. Just been told that the Sunday dinners for the elderly will not be happening on 31st October. HTC are doing an Halloween event instead.

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