Mon. May 20th, 2024

Tonight’s Meeting

Ferret believes that at today’s Council Meeting you will be in a position to start to restore some public confidence in your ability to call yourselves “representatives of the people”.

All of the decisions required are really relatively easy to make, a simple vote yes or no on the appropriate agenda Item. You do not even have to speak.

You are probably all now aware of the real facts, about the issues that relate to these items and not the lies or half-truths you have been fed for a long time by Mr Jim Kenyon.

It is not too late to hold a minute’s silence before the meeting starts, as a mark of respect for former Councillor Robert McIntyre. No vote is needed for this as it is before the meeting.

It is also easy to consider the request for a memorial for him, a memorial bench to be placed at Hemsworth Waterpark, a place he loved.

A simple vote yes will remedy this.

You are now fully aware that the call for a trust for the Waterpark is nothing but a scam to engineer its disposal and tonight you may even be fed more lies about promised funding and other Kenyon lies etc, a simple vote no ends this.

Public feeling is running so high against the Vengaboys concert, cut our losses, make the park open to everyone on a public bank holiday. Ask yourselves, Have the public ever been locked out of the park it bought with its own money?

A simple vote to cancel this concert will end it immediately.

The Kirkby Road site and the ongoing litigation, you must be aware of the real facts and not just the Kenyon lies that you have been fed. The true costs are enormous and there is no realistic chance of winning. In the unlikely event of winning round 1 this community will have to pay restitution costs to Saul Construction Limited of millions of pounds.

Even without these costs and the costs associated with the legal case of hundreds of thousands of pounds, can we really afford £6 to £8 million pounds to even build it?
Again, you’ll be told by Mr Kenyon, external funding will be available, really? again the real world differs from the Pinocchio world of Kenyon, this community will be left picking up the bills.

Once again, even if it was built how are you going to pay for its everyday running costs?
You know the real costs of running businesses from the normal costs of running the Waterpark and the huge losses being incurred at the Lakeside Café Bar, that has already had to reduce its opening hours to save money.

A simple vote to end this tonight will start to restore some public confidence that you can speak for yourselves and are not the puppets on a string for Mr Kenyon to pull when he wants your votes.

Finally, anyone of you who does vote against the mantras of Kenyon, please ask for the vote to be recorded to safeguard your own financial position in the future and ensure that any scheme proposed by this Chair is properly researched, costed, and planned before any approval is given.

Tonight, is the night, please don’t waste this opportunity to start to restore normality to this council and community and protect your own personal finances.

Kenyon has no assets of any real value in his name, he’s an expert on moving on and leaving others to foot the bills.

By Ferret

8 thought on “An open post to the Councillors on Hemsworth Town Council…”
  1. It’s definitely the time to make a stand against the madness that is Kenyon. Tonight we will see who are the real men and women who have the best interests of this community in their hearts and who are the mindless minions of an idiot whose only success is expensive failures.

  2. They are beyond reason, just look how chair Kenyon and vice chair Wilson treated with contempt the senior citizens of Fitzwilliam and Kinsley by not attending the old folks treat. Utter contempt and by the two councillors who are the leaders of this council and both of them haven’t been voted into place by the electorate of of community.

  3. Well you’ve got a chance to show some remorse and make a start at seeking redemption from the township, over to you, you’ve heard the message being sent now raise your heads at the right time and deliver what’s best for the community and not what’s best for certain councillors pockets.

  4. agenda up for tonight just been looking at it ….cant be there but il be watching and taking in whats been said …why as the oap treat stopped for kinsley and fitwilliam anyone know? hemsworth oap treat still going?.. on the agenda water park AND THINGS THEY NEED AGAIN.something for leaves on paths ..leave blowers at argos but my money on its gonna cost thousands they will want the big machine

  5. Well my god it’s like pulling teeth in those council meetings. Also is it just me who feels like they’re patronising us when they say “parishioners or residents” I feel like they’re thinking plebs when they say it. They obviously think they’re doing us all a massive favour and we should be grateful for it. How dare we question their motives. Certain councillors are most definitely rattled.

  6. All they’re interested in is wp and that’s not for the “parishioners” it’s for them and their little private members club.

  7. They are rattled aren’t they, I wonder why? I’m sure a certain little furry animal nearly got mentioned too! Ferret does sound similar to Gate though doesn’t it?

  8. Have noticed Mr badger has gone quiet. I thought the teddy wasn’t getting thrown over the gate at one point never mind the cot. What I don’t get is why they are so desperate for a lift. The way they talk lakeside is the only venue in the area without a lift. Do people really choose wedding and funeral venues based on lift access? They talked like people were having to do without funerals because of no lift. Where do they think people went before lakeside opened???

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