Thu. May 30th, 2024

Ferret has been asked to provide an update from our new Councillors, who will serve us as our representatives on Hemsworth Town Council for the next four years.

The new Councillors take office from 9 May 2023.

The hard work has already begun, with the majority of both the Councillors who have retained their seats, and the new Councillors meeting together to discuss the future.

They fully intend to meet again, before taking office.

They wish to emphasise that they are getting to know each other and are working positively to find common ground regarding values and principles.

They know their job is to serve the communities they represent and there is an acceptance that they need to be fully transparent.  

Ferret is sure each and every reader will agree there is a lot to be looked into, following the debacle of the Independent led Council of the last four years.

We all have to accept the new Council do have an enormous task in front of them, not least to unravel the financial mess they are to inherit from the ‘last lot’.

Ferret hopes that their progress will be shared with the community and that transparency becomes the norm in their meetings, with very few items in exclusion of press and public, and questions provided with legitimate, truthful answers.

No Town Council and Councillors should need the level of scrutiny that Independent Hemsworth Town Council, led by Jim Kenyon and Jean Eccles, have required over the last four years and Ferret expects the ‘new lot’ won’t need it moving forward…

By Ferret

2 thought on “Hemsworth Town Council 2023 to 2027…”
  1. We all need to get behind the new council. They will have some difficult decision to make and we may not agree with them. All I want is that they explain to us why they need to do things. I have also been thinking, could th e new council organise a day or a few days where we could all get involved making the places look better which the Indepedents have neglegted? I’m thinking edging the paths, weeding, moving piles of rubbish? The council could offer to feed us in return, there must be plenty of food in that freezer of theirs at the park.

  2. Plenty of food left Burt, you must be joking, remember it’s Jean we’re feeding and that’s one hell of a job.

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