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Ferret posted yesterday about the cost of living crisis and the huge effect this has had to the already difficult financial circumstances many face within our community.

We are all aware that the ‘60s pub which was the dream child of Kenyon, Eccles, Womersley and their “cabal” Independents has lost over £400,000 in less than four years.

This figure DOES NOT include the conversions costs of nearly £200,000 nor the other costs which are “hidden” by the Town Clerk – Alan Draper in his make believe accounts.

One of the major financial drains has been the return to serving alcohol at the Lakeside Café Bar.

Ferret is aware that this licence is due for renewal very shortly and our Councillors have a decision to make.

Ferret has created a poll with on simple question:

“Should the Lakeside Café Bar continue to have a licence to sell alcohol?”

EDIT: WOW – Thank you for the overwhelming response so far, the limits of Survey Monkey have already been reached! Please use the new link to vote. If you have already done so please vote again.

Should the Lakeside Café Bar continue to have a licence to sell alcohol?

Thanks for your answer!

Please click the link and answer the question, let’s see what this community really thinks, results will be shared in due course…

By Ferret

6 thought on “Should the Lakeside Café Bar continue to have a licence to sell alcohol…”
  1. The community people need a community ,friendly,family place for all ages to be apart of and enjoy and do NOT need the lakeside to serve booze Get rid of the licence and bring it back to its former glory.The Lakeside was once loved and used by thousands of our community and my late Dad walked and sat around the lakes every single day sometimes twice a day from the very first day Prince Charles opened it,the lakeside was the place to be proud of it was ours the community a beautiful ,peaceful full of flowers and colour,fishing,a place to go to and families flocked to it every school holiday from the very young to the elderly and a booze licence wasn’t needed then and isn’t needed now.Families want a friendly environment,nice family food at affordable prices ,activities and a cafe with a stunning view,what as it become in the last 4 years a deteriorating,delapatating metal fenced in prison and run like a huge loss making prison with security that think they own it.
    Time the community took ownership back and it becomes the jewel in our crown again,the community can do this by voting for change in the May Elections.

  2. Only an idiot or someone with a vested interest would vote to retain the license. It’s a no brainer, it has ruined our waterpark.

  3. This vote will be a snap shot of public opinion and the councillors should look very carefully ,and if its to remove the licence then so be it, or it could go the other way ,either way I say take heed and do what’s wanted.
    Past problems with alcohol was the anti social behaviour of the few who spoilt it for the rest , people don’t want drunkards around their families , I’m not saying everyone is a drunk but it you remove the problem it doesn’t become a problem.
    The biggest problem is management, this needs to be removed ASAP and people with experience on running a facility like this especially someone who can add up (haha) brought in, not jobs for the boys/girls and we all know what that means!. Tough decision-making is required to get rid of the dross because this wether we like it or not is our biggest asset and remember it belongs to all of us not the few . I believe in can be run and work efficiently and be profitable again.

  4. Anyone know what monitoring of bodycam 1 is ? Thinks this needs explanation. Pretty expensive.

  5. Anonymous on reading the entry on HTC Dec accounts showing £504 paid on 22/12/22 for monitoring of bodycam1 paid to Your Choice fire and security I think like you it requires a full explanation it’s seems very costly expenditure again,bearing in mind the HTC as just paid £3,700 for a bodycam and harness and on looking back through all the accounts these are not the first ones to be purchased,so just how many security officers do HTC employ answer 1 so how many body cams and cameras does 1 security officer need,maybe parishioners need to send in FOIs to the Town Clerk Alan Draper to clarify.

  6. Hi,Julie
    Just Looked at fire and security for last year wow a lot of money being paid to this company. Perhaps the town clerk would like to explain why there are more than one annual service on buildings (annual being one) and costly compared to fire alarm service have a look what do you think?

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