Mon. May 20th, 2024

Ferret is pleased to hear people are now coming out, to let us know their thoughts on the future direction of Hemsworth Town Council and its assets.

Some people would like to return to the pre 2019 days before the cabal landed us with the debt burden of the Lakeside Café into a bar conversion, while some others are still taking about it remaining licensed and giving it a change of direction.

Ferret does believe that its future as a licensed venue should be considered carefully, for the following reasons:

Public houses have been in decline for over 20 years, in fact that was the reason why it was closed by the council when it was the Windsurfer pub.

It was little used, only by basically a “select few” in the out of season months, which are significantly greater than the summer months.

Staffing costs are the major outlay, along now with energy, and cannot be covered by short seasonal use for the whole year round.

Has anything actually changed since the closure in 2008 to make it viable even now?

We have seen the Town Clerk Alan draper, release figures that the show losses of over £400,000 and rising since the Lakeside café was created not even 4 years ago, so do we really need to ask, should this money be spent elsewhere?

We are in a period of high inflation and wage restraint which is already hitting peoples spending power.

In Hemsworth alone, two more licensed premises are planning to open that will dilute the spending available even more in the Waterpark should it remain licensed.

Few would argue that the lakeside bar as it is run now is “family orientated”, in fact many residents have been put off going to the Waterpark for that very reason, loud inappropriate music and complaints of tables left uncleared etc.

There have even been complaints that the beer being served didn’t taste like the name on the pump.

The appalling fencing has been detrimental to say the least, to the overall panorama of the Waterpark and really does need to go or be improved.

It will need more than a bit of trellis or plants to remedy this problem should it remain and if it goes along with the license then so do the security costs and they are not insignificant.

We need to consider the savings to be made if the bar is closed, and the benefits that this community could see if it is spent wisely on things and people that are in need of more than just a drink.

A drink they probably can’t even afford to buy.

It can be argued that the precept can continue to subsidise this bar, but is it a right and proper use of community money?

Does it provide a valued community service?

Even if so, how many of our residents actually benefit from it or are we subsidising outsiders?

For those who want the Lakeside bar to remain then they should do an in depth and comprehensive business plan and put it to the community to decide.

A plan that can show it can turn those huge losses into a profit or at least break even.

One important question Ferret would like to ask anyone who wants to continue to keep the Lakeside bar open:

If this was your own money, nearly half a million pounds of losses, would you still chose to spend it this way, especially at a time of potential serious hardship for sections of our community?

By Ferret

One thought on “Hemsworth Town Council Councillors and Prospective Candidates: An Open Letter…”
  1. What our community needs is our community waterpark back to how it was in the day a beautiful,friendly ,family place for the very young right through to our elderly parishioners to enjoy and take pride in.Instead what as it become a delapitated ,decaying isore with the metal prison fencing ,filthy lakes,and a huge loss making fun pub for the chosen councillors and their Merry friends who prefer to shut the community out .
    Will it need thousands spending on it to bring it back to the beautiful,tranquil family place it used to be probably,but it will and should be done for our community to take pride and ownership back.The first thing get rid of the booze licence,open it all up rip the prison down let it breathe life again and open the cafe to all ,lovely food ,menus that will bring the families back ,play areas where children can play and not be restricted.The full overhaul of management will be required people want to see friendly,helpful staff in a friendly welcoming atmosphere not hitler ,megaphone style prison camp authoritarians who prefer that the public should not be there.The Community have seen the decline of our once prised assett and the community can once again be apart of its rebuild and we have a huge say if this happens by using our VOTES very wisely and VOTE for the true community councillors who can bring back everything the community as lost and had destroyed by the Independent run HTC over the last 4 years.

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