Tue. May 28th, 2024

There is a Extraordinary Council Meeting to be held tonight at the Community Centre on Bullenshaw Road, starting at 7pm. 

This is the second attempt at holding this meeting. The previous attempt, was quite rightly abandoned when the husband of Councillor Linda Pringle, Mr David Pringle became abusive (and not for the first time) to members of the public and certain Councillors.

Mr Pringle is nothing but a BULLY.

Multi-millionaire, Chair – Independent Hemsworth Town Council Jean Eccles has called yet another Extraordinary Town Council Meeting for this evening.

The previous agenda included:

03 PLANNING APPLICATION To consider the planning application for land off Kirkby Road, Hemsworth (WMDC ref 08/00006/OUT).

Which has been removed from this evenings agenda, does this mean that Kenyon and Eccles finally accept they were wrong and that Saul Construction can now begin building much needed housing for members of our community, without the constant threat of unwarranted costly legal action?

Ferret hopes so.

As a result of this, this evenings meeting has one item in Public Business:

03 AUDIT REPORT To discuss the recent audit report provided by K L King Chartered Accountants.

Everyone in our community is aware that the non-forensic audit report has been a whitewash, full of conjecture and a look into a very small sample of invoices which were provided by Alan Draper – Town Clerk.

Ferret would hope that the FULL council and every COUNCILLOR will accept the non-forensic audit report is not acceptable and will now engage a FULLY QUALIFIED FORENSIC AUDITOR to carry out a proper investigation.

However, Ferret doesn’t need Jean’s crystal ball to predict the “cabal” will declare themselves innocent of all the allegations against them, based on the flawed report.

The credibility of the Independent Cabal disappeared along time ago and as the saying goes “self praise is no praise” – Move Progress…

Members of the public can attend in person. 

If you are unable to attend in person you can view the meeting via zoom: To remotely attend via the Zoom app:


By Ferret

One thought on “Extraordinary Council Meeting – Tonight”
  1. Whitewash it will almost certainly be,total fabrication of fantasised figures,self praising of the highest cover up,wonder how many Move Ons the public get ,wonder how many hammer bangs the public get,but what the public won’t get is the TRUTH.
    Truth where as all the communities money gone,Truth how much as been totally and utterly wasted on huge vanity projects and Truth what is the true expenditure on things like legal fees which have cost our community hundreds of thousands of pounds and zero to show for it,let’s hope come May the public can bring down a huge hammer on the Independents and VOTE the lot out.

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