Thu. May 30th, 2024

Ferret was shocked to see, at the last Hemsworth Town Council meeting, that a new appointment had been made.

Who or What was it, you may ask?

No, it wasn’t Mr Pringle being co-opted, thankfully for the females and anyone else he feels are weaker than him – he wasn’t in attendance. Ferret wonders why?

So, what was it?

It was Councillor Middleton’s GAVEL.

For those readers who may not be aware, a Gavel is a small mallet/hammer which is mostly used in Law Courts. If you need any further information Councillor Eccles is probably the best person to ask.

At one point in the meeting, Councillor Middleton decided to bang down the hammer three times as he seemingly didn’t like the assembled parishioners discussing the failures of the Town Council.

As one member of the audience put it “What do you think you are doing? We are not kids”

And Ferret would have to agree.

Another meeting where the Clerk had failed to produce all the required documents and relevant information.

Another meeting where the Councillors were ill prepared.

Another meeting where previous items which had been voted on and agreed were seemingly ignored by the Clerk who continues to do “whatever he wants”.

Another meeting where items were not debated, not finalised and certainly not budgeted for.

Another meeting where Hemsworth Town Council showed incompetence, ineptitude and inconsideration for the community it is supposed to represent.

Ferret does hope that some get the hammer they deserve, at the ballot box in May 2023…

By Ferret

One thought on “Sid’s hammer…”
  1. Let’s hope it is a very big hammer and get the lot out,the public are now waking up to the total destruction,the total wastage the carnage this Independant run HTC have and are still causing.The good councillors true community councillors need to come together and work together more than ever between now and May whilst there is still money in the community pot,if they don’t the ludicrous spending will continue all behind their backs and then asking questions will be too late action is required NOW.There will not be a need to budget you can’t budget when they have been allowed to spend,spend,spend till May and oh dear the bank account is empty.The clerk sits spouting figures like £108.000 for new heating systems £14.000 paid for walk in fridge freezers,wanting all new pedalos,a lift food by the thousands of pounds see a pattern all for their beloved lakeside cafe that is plumating huge losses so we ask our selves WHY.This as to be brought to an end and fast and it’s the community who will have the final say VOTE,VOTE,VOTE the lot out and the community do not require or deserve a HAMMER being banged at us for we have a right to voice our concerns and if not, May be the people should keep HAMMERING away till MAY.

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