Mon. May 20th, 2024

There is a Leisure and Recreation Committee Meeting to be held tonight at the Community Centre on Bullenshaw Road, starting at 7pm. 

Members of the public can attend in person. 

If you are unable to attend in person you can view the meeting via zoom: To remotely attend via the Zoom app:

Meeting ID: 864 5701 7938

Passcode: 348368

By Ferret

5 thought on “Leisure and Recreation Committee Meeting Tonight…”
  1. Let’s hope this meeting goes ahead unlike the one on 19/12/22 which ended before it started thanks to an abusive member of the public.

  2. Now Julie, let’s be honest. Nearly all meetings are events in themselves now. Move on make progress.. We’ve run out of public question time. There will be solicitors letters sent out to all keyboard warriors… It goes on and on. HTC is the all year round panto. And it will stay tgat way until they get real community minded councillors in every seat. We all know how it plays out. The good ones try to discuss issues of public interest…and the others shout them down.

    But please, now we have public questions at the end… Can someone ask exactly what are the plans for the Surfer. Because for a loss making project (vanity) it’s getting an awful lot of investment.

    As for confidentiality… Well. the concerns aren’t going away soon.


  3. Well folks the meeting went ahead but sadly parishioners at home have been denied hearing vital quotes and public questions AGAIN,strange the gremlins press the stop button at specific times denying the public from listening .Perhaps the parishioners need to email Alan Draper and ask for quotes for a new working internet connection.

  4. This one runs and runs doesn’t it. Can spend 1400 plus on a fridge freezer for the Surfer (as well as wanting to splash 108k on new heating for the fun pub), but they can’t get BT out to fix the wonky Internet. Though my money is on the guy who controls the switch lol…. Regards

  5. Over £1200 a month..every month is spent on a telephone system with IT support…more good money wasted! If it was their own money, they would want answers as to why the internet/signal/microphones etc are not fit for purpose! Now they want to invest 150 grand plus into a building and business thats dying on its feet! The cabal need to step down…they have failed…let go..and move on if you even have a shred of decency or respect for the community you are meant to represent!

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