Mon. May 20th, 2024

Ferret thought that as we have a new and entitled Chair of Hemsworth Town Council and as Christmas is coming, it would be appropriate to give a brief résumé  of just a few of the highlights or lowlights of their time in public office in line with the Ferret tradition. These are anything but fully inclusive or exhaustive.

On the fourth day of Eccles’Mess…

Jean Eccles has displayed a seemingly inexhaustible need for purchasing goods, when Ferret says purchasing goods, it is of course with our money and never her own. The list is seemingly endless, the demands relentless from the laptop that’s never been seen at a council meeting, to the fridge freezer that forever needs mending, the enormous food purchases that we would expect to show profits yet for some reason don’t, perhaps it was those “gourmet picnics” that were to blame and that lift that must by now be fully covered in dust in some remote lockup or could it be possibly closer at hand than we think?

By Ferret

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