Mon. May 20th, 2024

Ferret thought that as we have a new and entitled Chair of Hemsworth Town Council and as Christmas is coming, it would be appropriate to give a brief résumé  of just a few of the highlights or lowlights of their time in public office in line with the Ferret tradition. These are anything but fully inclusive or exhaustive.

On the third day of Eccles’Mess…

Jean Eccles revealed on Facebook, that she had been illegally monitoring the public using her CCTV cameras and she actually showed an image of a person and accused them of “casing” her property.

It was also surprising that when she made vile accusations against an upstanding citizen on her Facebook page and threatened the person that further retribution would follow, that leaflets containing the accusations and accusations about other people were then distributed throughout and beyond the area just before the election date.

Jean Eccles went on to use the word “scum” when referring to members of this community; a word Ferret believes is better suited to her and her colleagues…

By Ferret

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