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Ferret can reveal that desperation is creeping into Kenyon World – you know that fantasy location where Jim Kenyon lives when not in the Top Hat club or Lakeside Café bar.

Reality may just be starting to break into that bubble of his dream world where he reigns supreme and he is realising that the consequences of his actions are at last starting to catch up with him .

Unfortunately it appears he has been trying to rewrite history, once again, he never learns does he?

This time making outrageous claims about the cabal Independents’ successes for and on behalf of this community and not themselves of course.

Here are some highlights or should that be lowlights of his outrageous claims, included in a recently sent abusive email to fellow councillors trying to sing the praises and great successes of himself and his cabal conspirators.

Gordon Eccles and his pickup.

He sends thanks to Gordon Eccles for allowing use of his pick up to deliver presents at Christmas but what he fails to mention is that the pickup had to be made roadworthy before it could be used and that cost a lot of money. Hundreds of pounds apparently just to pass the M.O.T.

Guess who picked up that bill? This Community of course!

Introduction of free parking at the Waterpark. 

This one is a beauty, it’s so wrong on many levels.

The residents of Hemsworth, Fitzwilliam and Kinsley have never paid for parking.

When parking charges were introduced they were targeted at non-residents so that they would contribute to the upkeep of the Waterpark.

Residents were able to obtain a free parking pass to display in their windscreens from the council.

That amount raised rose to approximately £35,000 per year and would have covered the annual routine costs of maintaining and repairing the pathways and car parks that are now in a dangerous condition as acknowledged by Independent Hemsworth Town Council, who have failed to budget for their upkeep.

The only people that benefitted from the charge removal were visitors from outside our area and of course the Eccles who then had over £4000 of our money given to them to renovate their land for use as a “free” car park.

They subsequently charged the public the first day it was in operation!

Worse still they have allowed it to become overgrown and derelict in only 3 years and Jean Eccles has now stated that the public will not be allowed to use it anymore.

Fair enough Jean, but are you now going to repay the £4000 you received back to this community?

David Pringle.

It seems we were all wrong about David Pringle, and he is not an abusive loudmouth that likes to pick on anyone he perceives as weaker.

He is the injured party and has been the subject of libellous false accusations.

Who says so? Jim Kenyon of course and he has all the evidence to support it, even having a statement of support from the Town Clerk, Alan Draper apparently.

Dear oh dear, how could all those good people have got it so wrong, how could we have all misheard those comments, or misunderstood his actions when he stood in front of people bellowing and trying to prevent them from being heard.

The selling off of the land at Fitzwilliam.

It appears that Jim Kenyon is not happy that the councillors have insisted that proper processes have to be followed if the council is to sell the land at Fitzwilliam. Ferret cannot understand his gripe with this one, I mean it’s not like he held secret and undisclosed meetings with a developer is it?

Oh hold on a minute, yes he did, didn’t he.

He rounds his tirade of abuse off by likening decent councillors to a soup, in uppercase letters, THICK COUNTRY VEGETABLE, unfortunately it’s probably not a good analogy as thick country vegetable soup is a family favourite and liked by millions, which cannot be said of our former disgraced chair who continues to promote his own downfall.

Ferret wonders did you sign off your email with Jim or Janet?

The Truth About the Cabal: Well According To The Rantings Of Jim Kenyon.

The Truth and Jim Kenyon will never be seen in the same room together...

By Ferret

One thought on “The Truth About the Cabal: Well According To The Rantings Of Jim Kenyon…”
  1. Before councillor Kenyon rants on more rubbish and total lies from his fantasy world he needs to remember as told by the chair raise his arm ,state his name and be invited to rant ,new rulings in HTC meetings.The community now are removing the blinkers and are now more than ever watching,listening and checking on every detail that goes on in the running of our communities HTC.More and more are starting to ask the question where as all the community money gone and hopefully from now on the good ,hard working community councillors will be able to close the huge spending pot and use their votes to put a STOP to the total waste and loss of thousands and thousands of pounds of our community money and it’s down to residents to use their VOTES to bring in changes and get the community back to being a community so VOTES must be used wisely and get the right councillors elected to serve the community and not themselves.

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