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At the recent Finance Meeting held on 4 August 2022, Chair of the Committee Councillor Donna Moran, opened up the meeting by confirming that the “Independent Cabal” had left the finances in such a poor state after three years of mismanagement that the financial year of 2022 – 2023 would be extremely tough.

On the agenda in the meeting:


To consider having entertainment acts in the Lakeside Café Bar.

A discussion took place between the Councillors regarding the entertainment acts, with Councillor Jean Eccles strangely against their reintroduction when she has been a long standing supporter of the 60s style pub.

Ferret thinks maybe Jean, in her old age doesn’t want the scum in her extended back garden for any longer than necessary.

The outcome of the discussion, which was voted on and unanimously passed was to have a trial of one act appearing at the Lakeside Café Bar on August 28th 2022, after the carvery had finished.

Ferret finds it alarming that once again, Alan Draper – The Clerk, who should follow the Councillors decisions with fail, seems to have broken the protocols bestowed on him.

A poster has appeared advertising “Roar” booked to appear at the Lakeside Café Bar on Monday 29th August – The day after which was agreed by our Councillors.

When questioned about this by a member of our community, Samantha Knowles, the all encompassed master of seemingly everything confirmed that date was correct and failed to answer the question about the vote being that it should take place the day before.

So, Mr Draper – Please can you enlighten us all as to why, once again you have failed to follow procedures and agreed protocols?

By Ferret

3 thought on “Independent Hemsworth Town Council – Just who does Alan Draper think he is?”
  1. My feeling is their well organised well oiled machine confused the dates?? I mean anything is possible with this lot. Has anyone noticed they’re allowing the “scum” to use the function room free of charge today???
    It’s really just got to the point that everything is viewed with suspicion and can anyone blame us under the circumstances.

  2. is clerk to htc a full time kob mr draper is again out of office wtf are his employment hours seems o.o.o. more than in

  3. I think the reason he is often not around or takes his time to reply to queries or ‘get things done’ is because he is also Town Clerk to another local village council!

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