Wed. May 22nd, 2024

In the Hemsworth Town Council meeting, held on 14 July 2022, Mr Tucker had requested a smaller funfair be placed at Hemsworth Waterpark during the August School Holidays.

The Town Clerk, Mr Alan Draper, gave brief details to the meeting.

The discussion that followed, then went on to the sale of food items at the fair, which will clearly divert sales away from the Lakeside Café Bar, which the cabal spent thousands of pounds of our money converting shortly after taking power in May 2019 and also the rarely seen, very expensive burger van.

Very mysteriously Jean Eccles seemed to think this is alright, as they would only be selling Burgers, Hotdogs, Candyfloss and Drinks.

She also knew exactly what to charge them for holding the funfair. Amazingly all this from the top of her head!

From the person who seems incapable of putting together a business plan to justify her own spending sprees, with our money of course.

It was approved with, in the main Jean Eccles leading the debate.

Ferret got to wondering, how on earth could the Chair of Independent Hemsworth Town Council, Jean Eccles, who as chair of the meeting, is supposed to ensure a balanced debate takes place, be so openly in favour of this request?

Perhaps another unauthorised secret meeting had taken place?

No, Ferret can’t believe someone of Jean Eccles renown, disposition and up right citizenship would do such a thing.

Perhaps just perhaps, there may be an additional stall at the funfair and seated inside alongside a magnificent crystal ball, with a teapot made with real tea leaves and Tarot cards at the ready, will be the “Mystic Queen Jean” herself. Her face covered with a veil of the finest lace, the best the precept could buy.

This could explain her fountain of knowledge.

Ferret urges caution to all those who are enticed to enter Mystics Jean’s realm; If you are offered a palm reading at a “good price sir or madam”, remember to remove your rings first.

Jean Eccles: Hidden Talents – well very well hidden.

By Ferret

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