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At the Town Council meeting 16 June 2022:


To review the efficacy of the system of internal controls, to receive the internal auditor’s report for the year ended 31 March 2022 and to appoint an internal auditor and confirm the scope of internal audit for 2022-23.

Ferret readers may remember the new auditor that was previously appointed by Independent Hemsworth Town Council was a Mr Simon Knee.

The same Mr Simon Knee that was Secretary at AG and HG Groundworks, owned by Hemsworth Town Councillors Gordon and Jean Eccles.

Jean Eccles seemed desperate to continue with Mr Simon Knee and became visibly disappointed when the other Councillors failed to ratify this.

Ferret hopes that Hemsworth Town Council appoint a truly “Independent” auditor this time, what could they possibly have to hide…

By Ferret

2 thought on “The appointment of the new Internal Auditor…”
  1. The amount of cash transactions at that place is nothing short of astounding and some of them clearly very large transactions wholly against the grain of business practice today in the technology click a button and the transaction is done method. Many businesses yes by their nature handle large sums of cash by way of takings it does not necessarily follow that they pay out and settle their own accounts that way it’s simply not good practice and makes the job of accounting and auditing very difficult. In addition it automatically in the eyes of the public arouses suspicion of malpractice whether any as taken place or not. Hence an electronic trail of account transactions is better for all to see and obviously the last administration (the other lot) carried this out and why clearly the forensic accountant could find no reason or malpractice to dissuade him from giving the account and therefore the council a clean bill of health regarding it business operation

  2. Cat wait for that report to come out after all the lies they told of the previous council.

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