Thu. May 30th, 2024

Further to Ferret’s post previously stating the final legal costs, a further entry has appeared in the February 2022 accounts.

On top of the previously declared £169,667 a further £32,717.81 has now been paid.

This takes the total legal fees paid out by Independent Hemsworth Town Council to £202,384.81

Ferret would once again request that Mr Jim Kenyon, Mr Ian Womersley and the other Independent Councillors to fully explain to this Community the reasons why they wasted our money…

By Ferret

2 thought on “More legal costs re Saul Construction Limited…”
  1. A man walks into a lawyer’s office and the lawyer says “what can I do for you today Sir” HTC walk in and the lawyer smiles and says “nice to see you again this week and what can I do you for today”

  2. Well, HTC have not given up playing silly bugger games with SAUL at the brick yard. If you read the comments section on the planning portal they are still seeking payments and generally looking to disrupt the approval process. Yet they didn’t turn up to meetings on springvale or raise objections like this about the keepmoat development.

    It seems they are only interested to disrupt the process further, for their own gains.

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