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At the Hemsworth Town Council meeting held on the 12th May 2022, Councillor Shane Folletti was in a unique position.

His vote for the choice of the new Chair of Hemswoth Town Council could have started a change, a real change as to how this Council and community are viewed and managed for the next year.

A single vote could have removed from the cabal their 2nd casting vote, which the Chair of the Council is entitled to use and as we all know, has been utilised to support their mismanagement of this community, its assets, finances and staff without proper planning.

An acceptable face could have started to restore confidence, dignity and public respect.

A councillor’s role is to represent and reflect the community’s views and needs and not their own.

They are elected to show leadership as needed.

Yet what did Mr.Folletti chose to do?

He chose not to cast a vote for the Chair of the Council.

His reasons quote:

“I don’t vote to please anyone. Never have, never will. I vote what I think is right. In my opinion Jean shouldn’t be chair. There wasn’t a vote against, so like others I kept my hand down. Also, in my opinion Shaun shouldn’t be chair. There wasn’t a vote against, so like others I kept my hand down.”

From his own mouth or keyboard he admits he does not take any regard of what this community wants, their views, their opinions are unimportant, he votes how he wants.

He omits to say he failed to vote at all, at least the others did vote one way or the other.

He failed to cast a vote so he not only failed to reflect this community’s views, he actually failed to do his duty as a councillor and help select a new Chair of the Council.

Or did he?

Mr. Folletti’s failure to vote raises even more questions:

If he genuinely didn’t believe both Jean Eccles and Shaun Middleton were suitable candidates for the Chair of Hemsworth Town Council, why did he not propose another Councillor, after all the position cannot be left vacant?

When asked who he would have preferred to be Chair of the Council he replied:

“My choice would have been Eric Mitchell, he would bring a calming affect but that’s just my choice”

Again his choice, not what the community he represents may or may not want but he did have an alternative.

So, now it begins to make sense to Ferret, Mr. Folletti not only abstains from casting a vote for the potential betterment of this community but also afterwards names a Councillor he would have wanted as Chair but for some reason fails to open his mouth and propose him.

Ferret finds this very interesting indeed for several reasons, so let’s have a look at Eric Mitchell more closely.

Eric Mitchell is a long standing associate and supporter of Jim Kenyon, since at least 2008 starting with their opposition to the sale of the Kirkby road site and on checking the Councillors declaration of interests, he is also a member of the Hemsworth Community Forum, a group set up by the cabal members prior to the 2019 Council elections.

Other prominent members include:

  • Jim Kenyon
  • Jean Eccles
  • Gordon Eccles
  • Stanley Wilson

Eric Mitchell is even listed as the “Treasurer” of that Group.

The Forum contributed to the election expenses of Jean Eccles, Gordon Eccles, Stanley Wilson, Jim Kenyon and Eric Mitchell.

So what were the real reasons why Mr Folletti abstained from voting and failed to propose his preferred choice, who would have had a so called “calming effect”, Eric Mitchell?

A cabal member with a calming effect, well Ferret has heard it all now, to say the least that’s a new one and it does expose Mr Folletti’s credibility and real credentials for the following reasons.:

  • If he had proposed a 3rd candidate and cabal member, wouldn’t that have split the cabal vote and quite possibly resulted in the election of Shaun Middleton?
  • By not proposing Eric Mitchell he believed he would be able to hide his true allegiances and see the election of Jean Eccles whilst maintaining public distance.

Really a bit hard to do when this community remembers the day the “knighthood” was bestowed on him by ex “King” Kenyon, whose second casting vote led to the election of Jean Eccles…

By Ferret

8 thought on “Shane Folletti: The Night a “Knight” Tried to Hide His True Allegiance?”
  1. How does he mean kept his hand down like others? Others? The others did vote. From what I can remember he has absteined for every crucial vote. He absteined when there was a vote of no confidence in the chair. Perhaps he is scared he will lose his knighthood. Well Mr folletti I’ve news for you you are not really a knight. Kenyon is not was not ever really king. It was pretend it was play acting, Kenyon really does not have a certificate in the loft. He lied to you! But the day you were elected was the day playtime ended. Put your big boy pants on and do the grown up thing, start representing the electorate or resign. No one is fooled by you, the joke is on you, you are becoming the joke. Is that what you want? Remember you have to live in the community you are helping to ruin. So get your butt out of Costa, the photo opportunities must be exhausted now and be the bigger man. The big man you seem to think you are.

  2. Anonymous
    I don’t think it’s his knighthood he’s frightened of losing, more his Gregg’s money.

  3. Along with the obvious ones Foletti and Mitchell need to be removed next year when voting takes place. They are an absolute disgrace to themselves and this community! Mrs Foletti seems to have aspirations of joining the cabal too and must be stopped!!
    The community need people on the council who can read, can speak eloquently and knowledgeably and not be self-serving! I’m afraid that at the moment we have less than 50% who fit that criteria.

  4. In responce to councillor Folletti’s post he votes for no one only himself can I please ask how his community ward residents feel about his statement,surely as an elected councillor by the community you are supposed to serve your community and vote as they would wish your vote to be used , it’s NOT a my vote.Remember the reasons a councillor puts up to represent the community and we do see the tremendous work only a handful of this council do do by representing what the people need and what the people don’t need,you are entrusted to serve the people who voted for you not MY VOTE and certainly not ABSTAINING on a several crucial votes.After seeing the photos I am flabbergasted even more as to the running of HTC it has become a joke of a council and Yes I have spoken with former chairs of councils who served on councils for over 15 years who openly admitt they tune in to watch the live stream meetings to see what a farce and a good laugh they are a joke.This is what it as become a joke and it’s time you certain councillors remembered you represent us the community and just turning up arms folded or just to raise it when a vote is needed and then coats on to go home is no longer acceptable,the community are taking their blinkers off,watching ,listening ,questioning and it’s time for changes and remember our votes will count we won’t abstain we will continue to show the councillors this community does have a voice.

  5. The Only issue that should matter in a vote is the interests of the Community. This man in my view is typical of the self important regard that many of our councillors have for themselves. Please people, at the next elections… before you vote have a long hard look at the characters of the candidates.

  6. Well ferret what a can of worms you’ve stirred up in sir folleti’s little world. 😂😂😂

  7. Why does a chair person at Hemsworth town council meeting gets to vote twice they vote then use their casting vote. Every meetings I have attended the chair only as the casting vote Kenyon had 2 votes every time a vote came up councillor Eccells did the the same only time i have ever seen that done

  8. The chair is entitled to vote on any issues raised like the other councillors, if the vote is tied for example, 7-7 then the rules allow them to cast a second vote. All town and parish councils rules allow this. I’m not saying this is morally right but that’s how it is.

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