Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Public Confidence restored? Not if the Cabal have anything to do with it.

Last night saw Kenyon and his cabal hang on to power by the narrowest of margins, Kenyon’s own casting vote, as outgoing Chair.

His use of his “2 votes” in the event of a tied vote, allowed his “cunning plan” as first revealed by Ferret in February earlier this year, to choose his successor, when his own position had become untenable.

This was aided by 1 councillor refusing to vote.

Shane Folletti, The man “knighted” previously by Kenyon.

Immediately after being replaced as Chair, Kenyon still tried to control and direct the meeting from the side-lines.

Ferret believes this is what will continue to happen with the whole of Hemsworth Town Council business for the next and last year of this current council.

Jean Eccles used her new position to explain how lucky this Township had been in her allowing the use of the farmers site as a very occasional car park, as this had generated over £1000 for our community.

What she omitted to say was it had cost us, the precept payers over £4000 to make it usable and that the £1000 was only handed over after a public outcry when it was revealed they had been charging for the “free parking”

She also made no mention of the money spent on clearing her watercourse, her laptop, her gated access or her own personal waste disposal service provided by the Town Council.

She also offered no apology for the use of the word “scum” towards members of this community.

She allowed David Pringle to re-emerge as main diversionary tactic, with his heckling and of course his foul mouthed attacks, focused on women of course.

The seven Councillors that voted for Jean Eccles were:

  • Eccles G
  • Eccles J
  • Wilson S
  • Pringle L
  • Hirst G
  • Mitchell E
  • Kenyon J

The seven Councillors that voted for Shaun Middleton were:

  • Middleton S
  • Hird M
  • Moran D
  • Hardacre P
  • Westmorland A
  • Westmorland G
  • Dodson P

Councillor Folletti abstained.

Election of vice-chairman – To elect a vice-chairman of the council for the ensuing year.

Councillor Stan Wilson was proposed as was Councillor Maxine Hird.

Both candidates received 7 votes,

Councillor Eccles used her casting vote to elect Councillor Stan Wilson.

Councillor Folletti abstained, yet again.

Ferret believes it is unacceptable for any Councillor to abstain from voting in such circumstances as this township has found itself in over the last 3 years of mismanagement.

There is abundant evidence without any investigations needed, of misspending, the Nolan principles of standards in public office being broken. Procurement procedures being ignored and unacceptable conduct in abundance.

This is no time or place for a man who has been elected to represent the electors of our community to sit on the fence and to try to play both sides for his own benefit.

Unless of course it’s because he’s too frightened to reveal which side he is really on?

Ferret is sure the electors will speak with their votes next may until then vigilance will be needed as, the cabal continues…

By Ferret

8 thought on ““King” Kenyon Dethroned as “Queen” Jean Eccles replaces him as Chair of Hemsworth Town Council…”
  1. He is too worried about revealing which side he is on, but that is made obvious from the way he has abstained. He doesn’t deserve to be a councillor, people have died, been imprisoned to be able to vote and he abstains, he should be ashamed. He is sitting with the new councillors trying to make out he is one of them when really he should sit next to Stan or JK himself. I hope the people who voted for him are proud of the way he is using his vote!
    Stan Wilson being vice chair, he couldn’t even read out a bit of paper that had been prepared for him, he was stuttering all over it not understanding what he was reading.
    There may as well be a ventriloquist dummy sat there.
    Big clap MrsE for giving the monies to the council, it wasn’t supposed to be taken at the start!!! It cost over £4k, they charged (when it said it was free), to be found out so they had to donate it back! Shame on them.

  2. What an absolute joke of democracy was witnessed at last nites HTC meeting.This must stop now the community must stop it now we cannot allow this to continue without fighting together with the truly community councillors they are fighting hard on our behalf trying to show they are worthy of being elected councillors to represent the community and their wards.what a complete waste of space some of the councillors are,they just turn up sit arms folded never speak but hey ho can raise their hands to vote just to make sure they are supporting Mr Kenyon and co what a joke these people are elected to serve what’s right for our community and instead are YES voters only and do not represent whoever are voting for them.As for abstaining AGAIN what a massive massive blow to the voters that gave Councillor Folletti their votes to entrust him to do the correct thing and put the community first how let down you must all feel and reading by the posts today yes you are and deserve to be angry.The abusive behaviour from one particular member of the public who seems to make it his job to try and disrupt the meeting with his abuse and calling residents A LYNCH MOB must also be stopped he continued his abuse in the community centre entrance all witnessed by District councillor Melanie Jones and his parting rant was he hoped LP21 residents would not only have 3 storey houses built on the green space but huge sky scrappers and so it goes on utter utter disgrace,everyone needs to make a stand against what is being allowed to happen in the running of HTC use your votes to show enough is enough and abstaining is not the answer to bring this community together and fight as a community no matter what ward you live on stand together Fitzwilliam,Kinsley and Hemsworth come together it’s the only way to win .

  3. Gather that Mr Foletti is explaining he didn’t vote against Jean because he wanted Chair himself?! If that is true, then he’s not intelligent enough to represent his community. Because only a fool abstain from a vote that they know is of real significance. And this was of significance. Mr Foletti should consider that its about the collective good, and not self importance. Maybe he should stand down. If what I hear is true.


  4. Does he ever vote on anything? Shouldn’t be allowed to abstein, no point being there if he’s not having a say. Maybe he hadn’t had enough Costa caffeine yesterday to be alert enough. Since I’ve been watching the recordings I’ve noticed there is a lot of them (on the cabal side) that sit crossed armed and not really making a contribution to proceedings, they may as well not be there. As for the obnoxious bully they have in the audience why isn’t he threatened with being sent out? They are quick to threaten others with doing so.

  5. I’ve listened today to Mrs follettis video, on it she says, “oh, you were right, that’s just what you said” when Mrs E was voted in. If this is reference to Mrs E being voted in You mr folletti was the person that could have changed that vote, you were the one to abstain, you were the casting vote, the odd number that would have swung it to the other side if you did care that much.

  6. Ke+conway+not+scum+as+lady+muck+said+that+is+clearly+you+and+your+cabal+cohortd says:

    See bully boy was allowed to showcase his antics again it will get to the point were violence will rerupt n tbh the cabal are instigating it we know certain councilors made a wealthy living out of it

  7. Abstaining on issues as important as this!!!. Really it’s not rocket science you’ve been asked a simple question one or the other there’s no room for dithering or if buts no buts people elected you to show leadership and make decisions and vote. If there is some impediment preventing you from voting I suggest you sit down and reflect on why you became a representative of the people and ask yourself a simple question should I really be here and if it’s at all possible for you to arrive at a decision then enact it one way or the other if you yet again feel the need to prevaricate and become confused then do yourself a d the electorate a service and resign forthwith

  8. So after watching Mrs Folletti video of last nights meeting and her comments saying you were right and some huffing and puffing on Jean now chairman. Then reading Mr Folletti explaining on another Ferret post why he abstained, and saying he wanted someone else. Why didn’t he then propose that person ?? Also why abstain on the vice chairman and who would he have preferred and why didn’t he propose that person. He could have done that because he’s a independent councillor.

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