Thu. May 30th, 2024

Here is a recording from the public meeting held this evening.

Thank you to Lyn Morton for the recording.

Land at Highfield Road, Hemsworth (LP1511)

Wakefield Council’s service manager for planning – Mr Neville Ford – attended a public meeting in the main hall at Hemsworth Community Centre on Monday 9 May 2022 from 5pm – 6pm to provide clarity about the Pre-Main Modifications consultation in respect of the land at Highfield Road, Hemsworth (LP1511).

Ferret understands there is some confusion over who owns the land in question, in particular the playing fields at the top of Highfield Road.

Here are the two plans from the Land Registry which show Wakefield Council owns the land in question.

By Ferret

4 thought on “Public Meeting – Land at Highfield Road, Hemsworth (LP1511)- 9 May 2022…”
  1. A very interesting meeting, with Mr Ford Reading from the same script as he previously tried to hoodwink the Woodlands residents with. All the reassurances regarding the consultation process, the sustainability of proposed sites in terms of health, education, shops. The guarantees of leaving the eco system intact, and providing new and better football pitch etc. He simply doesn’t understand the passion that the community members have for their neighbourhoods. He doesn’t get that people are attached to the place where they live. He only sees opportunities, being a word he used tonight.

    Well, at least HTC has promised to support the residents living in the Highfields area. Funny that, because the residents of the Woodlands estate received similar promises from HTC and our then Independent DC Ian Womersley. The net result of that was HTC did nothing, because they missed deadlines and the Inspector wouldn’t allow them to pass comments outside of the consultation period. A consultation that over 200 residents on Woodlands knew absolutely nothing about. WDMC ensures that it uses a tried and tested communication model, which generates absolutely minimal level of objections and comments. It works exactly as they want it to. They don’t want hundreds of people objecting. They want to build houses.

    We have 2 diametrically opposed factions here. WMDC with its monetary interests as its primary concern, versus the community who care about things such as cultural identity, neighbourhood spirit, ecology, local services, and heritage. Plan 2036 as far as LP21 is concerned has already gone to Secretary of State as the Inspector feels its a sustainable site, with her only concerns being points of access. They’ve done Traffic Impact Assessments and they’re happy that local roads can take all the extra traffic. They don’t care that local residents point to things like road accidents, increased levels of air pollution. They put houses before people. That’s what planners do.

    I hope the Highfields residents win their battle. I’m afraid they will be sadly let down if they put their trust in HTC and WMDC. My advice would be to approach Jon Trickett, or somehow find the funds to employ a lawyer who specialises in planning and development. Here’s to watching for developments… Literally.

  2. Here’s the rub…. 48 hours to get your emails in. HTC and, WMDC worked a blindside again. Please bombarde your Councillor with requests for a standard letter that you can all sign and get him to physically take them to WMDC before deadline.

    Bet if you ask Mr Draper nicely… He probably still won’t have time to help. But, as Councillor Hird as pointed out, an email from HTC will only count as a single comment.

    Does anyone feel like they’ve been played regarding Plan 2036. Whose interests is it in to build all these houses?! Mmmnnn… Now let me think!

  3. David I totally agree with everything you’ve put in both comments.
    Even when one councillor explained that by sending in objections to the town clerk, HTC objection would only count as one objection, whereas if individuals objected each one is registered.
    In future HTC would be better offering to assist anyone that doesn’t have access to the internet or understand how to complete the objection form. That is helping people in my eyes.

  4. I have sent my objections in. This needs to be done where possible individually.

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