Thu. May 30th, 2024

With the upcoming election for a new Chair at Hemsworth Town Council. Ferret thought it would be a good time to recap some of Mr Jim Kenyon’s “greatest” moments.

Will his “Independent” colleagues vote for him to remain Chair for another year?

Just who is Mr Jim Kenyon?

He is all things to all people is Mr Jim Kenyon, with a lie for every occasion.

However, some of these are very repetitive but then again if it worked once, use it again and again. People will eventually believe it, even if they had doubts before.

That’s his motto, that is until the same old lies are discovered to be just that, even then He waits a short while, sometimes just minutes and regurgitate them out again.

The perennial expert, he can and does talk with ease about any ideas or schemes, no matter how madcap they are, especially when he is trying to line his own pocket and never a care for the damage and upset he leaves in his trail.

He has had many disasters both here in the United Kingdom and also abroad, most notably in Tenerife.

Ferret is running a reprise of some of his “achievements” for the benefit of any new readers who may not have seen them posted previously.

Day 1 – The Bankrupt Builder

Mr Jim Kenyon the bankrupt builder, who earned the “honour” of a place in the London Gazette where the winding up order for his Jim’ll Fix it” building firm was recorded.

The legacy of destruction he left behind in this community and elsewhere is still remembered by those whose lives were badly affected by his cowboy building firm. Yet he still pours forth all his expert building “knowledge” which has resulted in the “Free” storage building costing thousands of pounds and facing probable removal and also the purchase of overpriced underused plant and machinery from “dubious” sources.

Coming tomorrow – Day 2 – The Greyhound and Football lover…

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2 thought on “Kenyon: Is He Fit To Be The Chair of Hemsworth Town Council? Day 1…”
  1. The tragedy is that regardless of all the damage JK and his entourage leave in their wake, the sculdugary and nepotism will continue.

    The Community has already spoken both on social media and through votes of no confidence, overwhelmingly and vehemently saying it does want the cabal to continue to misrepresent it. But, nobody who can do anything to change this for the better is even remotely interested.

    So, let’s cut to the chase… The ONLY way to change this is through the ballot box. Until then, corrupt politics will continue to be a blot on our local communities of Hemsworth, Kinsley and Fitzwilliam. And, let’s not delude ourselves with the notion of Wakefield coming to our rescue. We can all see how it works there… Just look at City Fields as it mushrooms towards Crofton in one direction and Normanton in another. Let’s look at all the lies told about Plan 2036 and the sham of the consultation process. Let’s look at the assurances given to us by our district councillors and Denise Jeffries support for Hemsworth residents. Even the illusionist David Copperfield would struggle to struggle to work out how they’ve fooled the public so far.

    The rub is this.. We are stuck with what we’ve got until we put our X on the ballot sheet. We can start with the election of a Councillor to WMDC who the cabal is clearly running scared of.

  2. Ke conway not scum as lady muck said that is clearly you and your cabal cohortd says:

    We need candidates to stand against every cabal member

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