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Ferret posted back in December about Independent Hemsworth Town Council no longer requiring all Councillors to have DBS checks.

Following this, at a meeting chaired by Mr Jim Kenyon, Independent at Hemsworth Town Council a decision was made that Councillors could have DBS check done “if they wanted to”.

Further to this, Mr Kenyon declared that staff would not be required to have DBS checks and if they wanted them they would have to pay for them, themselves.

Ferret finds it strange that one employee had an Enhanced DBS check back in March 2021 and Independent Hemsworth Town Council paid for it!

No prizes for guessing which employee was singled out for special treatment…

You guessed it, none other than Samantha Knowles!

Ferret wonders if the Councillors have had their DBS checks yet and if so when will these be published on the Hemsworth Town Council website for us all to see…

By Ferret

7 thought on “DBS Checks”
  1. All HTC employees should be DBS checked. I don’t see how they are being allowed to pick and choose. Also HTC should pay for them. The people delivering dinners, people doing Santa/Easter bunny they are all dealing with potentially vulnerable people, entering homes etc etc.
    I’m thinking there would be one or two of the cabal who wouldn’t have clean DBS’s. How can anyone acting as councillor NOT need one?? Or is jackanory Kenyon making his own rules up again and if so WHY?

  2. There is no legal requirement for councillors at any level, or indeed MPs, to undergo DBS checks.

    Some councils do ask councillors to have them, but I’m not sure if they can force it if someone refuses

  3. Some people refusing to have DBs checks have even been known to publicly support election candidates. I wouldn’t want them supporting me and would publicly distance myself from them when they did.

  4. Are you saying you won’t have one lyn
    The problem I see is that those that feel they don’t need to have have one usually has something to hide
    Look at all the rules and standing orders the tories have changed to suit themselves
    I mean how many are suspended at this moment for sex offences of children and woman
    If you in a position of trust with the people’s money in your hands or do things that involves children you should be hundred percent squeaky clean and have the decency to prove it
    As for the bribery that’s been talked about in Hemsworth that seems a little odd to me specially when in the last full council meeting these people kept pushing someone’s name to people

    Remember it’s your fault who you vote for if that person is the wrong person for the job
    The evidence is there for all to see
    Leopards do not change their spots

  5. We live in 2022, it may not be a legal requirement but it should be.
    We have these things available to us, they protect people.
    While we have Santa, Easter bunny, dinners and visiting the elderly and vulnerable, there should be dbs checks. There are children at the waterpark, sometimes lost, who deals with them? Someone without a dbs check? It may not be a legal requirement but it is a moral one. They should all have them, employee’s , councillors and volunteers. They should be paid for by HTC,

  6. If you view the HTC February accounts online, you can see some DBS checks have been paid for. I believe certain councillors have posted they have had them carried out, and given permission for them to be viewed at the HTC offices.

  7. I would definitely expect all staff who work at the Waterpark to be DBS checked, and those councillors who actively volunteer to mingle on organised events too.
    I just volunteered to litter pick in the school grounds, while the kids were in class, and was told I’d need a DBS check.
    It’s an accepted and expected precaution these days.
    Just do the right thing Councillors!

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