Mon. May 20th, 2024

Readers of Ferret may recall, in the Hemsworth Town Council meeting on the 24 March 2022, Multi-Millionaire Councillor Jean Eccles, called Ferret and members of our Township “SCUM”.

Since this time, a number of our residents have requested that Councillor Jean Eccles retract this slur and also apologise for the dreadful insult which she directed at them.

Not surprisingly to Ferret, Councillor Jean Eccles has balked at these requests.

In the Parish Meeting which was held on 12 April 2022, admirably Chaired by Labour Councillor Maxine Hird, a member of our Parish had an email read out which once again requested that Councillor Jean Eccles apologise to the members of our Community for calling them “SCUM”.

What did Councillor Jean Eccles do?

She sat there, stony faced and impassive – totally ignoring the request to retract her slur and apologise.

Ferret hopes members of our Community will remember not only this, but all of her other indiscretions at election time in 2023…

By Ferret

6 thought on “Councillor Jean Eccles “SCUM”…”
  1. denied she ever said it and also said she was ready to respond to my email needless to say I’m still waiting

  2. Properties being under police investigation for drug growing, vicious verbal and social media attacks on decent people along with taking much needed community money to be spent on their own properties and dares to call other people scum. Mind boggling!!!!! !!!!!!!!

  3. How can she deny she ever said it, its all on video.

  4. A horrid selfish lady qs qll she is concerned about is what people say about her yet shee goes on about her land the council should gate off protection and how she is a volunteer. Oh the poor thing abusing her position and supporting anyone who will do favours. Authorised dictator that thrives on power says anything for the position wants apologies but can’t admit fault.

  5. To be fair I’ve heard she’s got green fingers though and good at growing weed, lol.

  6. as anyone checked the recording to validate her n count Kenyon’s claim they never said it this being a councillor as sure proved to be a cash cow for lord and lady Entitled of the water park need voting out n preventing from ever standing again along with the whole cabal abstainers included and lord lucanite iw

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