Thu. May 30th, 2024

Ferret readers will no doubt recall the post about the large tent which Independent Hemsworth Town Council purchased, which cost you £7199.99

Readers of the original post commented that they had very rarely seen it being used, one commenting that they had only seen it being used for Councillor Gordon Eccles birthday party.

Others asked questions:

Why was such an expensive ten needed in the first place?

Why has it required extensive repairs so soon after purchase?

Another reader pointed Ferret to the website of the company from which is was purchased. The company is called Gala Tents and their website is .

On their website is an extensive catalogue of Marquees. The most expensive example which Ferret can find listed is:

Ferret expects, as with everything else which Mr Jim Kenyon and Independent Hemsworth Town Council have precured that no business case was put together.

But what Ferret can’t understand is how the tent which they purchased cost £2,690 more than any other one listed on the Gala Tent website…

By Ferret

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