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Once again, Ferret thought it was about time we as a Community, took another look at some of the “improvements” that Mr Jim Kenyon’s Independent Hemsworth Town Council has authorised and have been undertaken and provided, at our expense of course and how they have since stood up to this short test of time.

Here are just a few:

Burying waste at the Waterpark

Unbelievable this one, Kenyon’s waste disposal service:

Take all the rubbish from the allotment sites, containing who knows what including most certainly asbestos and bury it at the Waterpark, where our children play. Then when you know you’ve been spotted have a survey done, show the company where to look on undisturbed soil, but nowhere near where you’ve buried it and don’t allow them even to dig there either.

Another cunning plan straight from Baldrick Kenyon.

Roadways at the Waterpark

Take one overpriced and underused Digger, add a Kenyon, give him a hand into the cab, (only joking of course, he’s disabled and has never driven the digger), and let loose in the Jewel of our township.

Improvements at Cemetery Road/Sandygate lane

Again, take one overpriced and underused Digger, add a Kenyon, let loose on first class sports facilities and dump the soil next to the adjacent bungalows. The result just as you would expect:

Car park at the Fitzwilliam school/allotments

Secret talks with developers?  relocating fencing, creating “land for the school to use” only incidentally opening access to the fields at the back, an act of unasked for and unwanted goodwill, creating a safety issue for the children and the work on the land that didn’t even last 2 years. Another “Cunning Plan” exposed?

Eccles’ car park clearance and fencing

Very controversial, to say the least and at some point, this must be included in any investigation into Financial irregularities since 2019 but right now let’s just concentrate on the work done and the standard of maintenance the Eccles have provided to it since its restoration to a usable standard from being an eyesore on the landscape for the area and people of Kinsley that the Eccles had allowed it to become.

Not even 3 years and the car park’s appearance has deteriorated badly and is fast returning to the standard the Eccles’ must believe is acceptable.

The fencing is already dislodged in places and if it wasn’t being supported by a lamp post it would be on the ground. It has even been reported that “Jim’ll fix it” himself has been on site on at least 2 occasions to try to repair it. Needless to say he was as successful at that as running a business

Ferret wonders why the Eccles’ haven’t tried to claim under some sort of warranty that Kenyon may have dreamed up. Maybe they have or has Ferret given them another cunning plan?

The sign in the trees.

Find a desperately obsessed idiotic clown sorry, Chair of the Council, take an old piece of fencing, add some lengths of rope, affix a poster of some dated Kenyon Idols, Hoist on high into the trees in a once beautiful Waterpark, add storm force winds and …………..Reach for the stars Jimmy.

Ferret must point out, that when he was challenged about his unfinished projects, Kenyon denied that there were any and all were in fact finished.

It was only at the insistence of good Councillors that some of these have seen some degree of remedy.

Ferret has to wonder, Will any of them be totally finished before Councillor Kenyon RESIGNS?

By Ferret

4 thought on “Bodge Job Jimmy – Reaches for the Stars…”
  1. He’s dangerous in his stupidity. Dangerous to the community, dangerous to individuals. He believes he is above the law and he can do whatever he wants. Playing at being in charge, it’s like he is playing a virtual reality game with our community. Behind him are the Lord and lady who are benefiting from his stupidness rubbing their hands with glee. They all (the cabal) need to RESIGN NOW.

  2. This man and the Eccles need to go now! They are an absolute joke along with being a threat to our community!

  3. i asked them to go on record for the asbestos at water park ,,,stating theres none anywhere ..mrs eccles stated on record there was no asbestos at hemsworth water park but couldnt talk for others …apparently they were finding lots in the allotments and on the day of meeting they had just paid 900 for it to be removed ..other councillors stood up and stated they wount go on record even stating the test they had done was not right and needed retesting mr draper appeared to have lost emails sent by counillors to him reguarding this … oooooooooooooooppppps they did it again ..lol.

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