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A parishioner asked what the council’s priorities are?

Cllr Kenyon replied that the two highest profile priorities are the summer festival and the sports complex.

Following on from his massive failure with the Sports Complex, he now finds himself in EXACTLY the same situation with the Summer Festival.

Two “hair brained” schemes which unfortunately for us, had the same outcome as EVERY other venture Mr Jim Kenyon has spearheaded in the past.

Wherever the man goes and whatever he touches he DESTROYS.

Since taking the reigns in May 2019, from a Labour led Town Council who had a large amount of reserves and ongoing maintenance plans in place for all facilities which were fully costed and within budget, we now find ourselves with Independent led Hemsworth Town Council in a sorry state.

Mr Jim Kenyon and his not so “Independent Party” have failed time and time again, leaving dilapidation in assets, “bodge” jobs and gaping holes in finances.

Mr Kenyon and the Councillors which supported him throughout, were steering us to a black hole of bankruptcy.

At the meeting on the 28 February 2022, Mr Kenyon still had FIVE other Councillors willing to prop up the doomed “Vengaboys” Concert:

Linda Pringle

Jean Eccles

Gordon Eccles

Stan Wilson

Graham Hirst.

Ferret finds it hard to believe that any rational person could continue to support Mr Jim Kenyon.

This Community has ONE priority and that is for YOU SIX TO RESIGN.

By Ferret

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  1. I don’t know how they dare show their faces on the streets, what a disgrace and disappointment they all are .

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