Tue. May 28th, 2024

Ferret has been contacted by a concerned resident who feels they have been singled out by Independent Hemsworth Town Council.

Ferret believes they are the only member of the Township which has been banned from entering the Waterpark for a period of six months.

Has anyone else been banned from entering the Waterpark or any other of Independent Hemsworth Town Councils facilities?

By Ferret

12 thought on “Victimisation…”
  1. s knowles securiety guard ? isnt verbal abuse a part of job?..personally ide go to court they not got a leg to stand on.. have they got money to to chase another court case that they will loose ?

  2. I presume this person has been served with an order or notice? I also hope HTC have fully looked into their entitlement to ban members of the public from a publicly owned place.

  3. Ahhh the person who slated the security (despite being on duty) to me – pointed out all their shortcomings security wise – yet failed to act when buddies were stood smoking on the fire escape – blocking an emergency route or when everyone was locked in the water park “pen” also creating a risk to the public. Fantastic job done there love.

  4. This is a tough one for me. Calling a female by that name is something I could never condone frankly! Whether they have apologized is something I don’t know. Abuse is Kenyon territory, but whoever it is, has given HTC the ammo to shoot at them unfortunately. I would like to know the actual circumstances which led to him calling her that.

  5. Trespass is not a criminal offence as far as I know. So, in theory all they can do is to ask the person to leave if they transgress during the ban. But, if there is another verbal conflict, it is likely that a public order offence will be occurring. That’s a criminal matter, and the police can arrest..

    That said, it’s completely understandable that HTC acts to protect its staff from any abuse. But, like everybody else you would have to understand the context. I can’t see that the person would simply come out with this verbal abuse. So, I am sure that HTC will do its due diligence to establish what led to a member of the public becoming so frustrated that he let rip in this fashion. A ban is 1 thing, but a disciplinary investigation if appropriate is quite another. Not that I’m saying this should be the outcome, but the information in this report suggests that the security person was allowing behaviour which could put members of the public at risk.

  6. Like I said, full story needed here, but giving them the chance to use abuse as weapon was an error IMO. I know, given the current situation with Kenyon’s mob holding sway that it’s difficult to make official complaints stick, but that would still have been best way really. I’m not assuming it was a case of person abuses staff for no reason, but you need to be smarter than that don’t you? considering these spivs will use anything to their advantage.

  7. richard cranium. i can tell you what happend.
    there was a post on facebook by a third party and on it there was a conversation between the banned person and a friend. one of the comments from the banned person was word for word : because shes a c@@t mate. she was never tagged or name mentioned and that is all there was to it. it was not shouted at her or in person. it is a case of htc once again going snooping around other persons social media posts in their vendettas.

  8. Thank you angry, so no abuse actually took place. Yes it’s victimisation and Kenyon is a c, which could stand for coward, crook, chancer, clown, conman, loads of c’s to choose from isn’t there? and he is all the ones listed plus at least one more. Make that stick Jimmy, I fancy a walk around the water park now.

  9. Didn’t they banned cllr Ann westmorland too for speaking the truth
    Ann was banned from the lakeside but then she frequently went maybe it was to prevent her seeing things she shouldn’t have

  10. Richard cranium well said.
    you are correct there and i can confirm that the above explanation that i have given is what actually happened. there was no face to face or comments shouted.

  11. The so called four letter c word, which most grown adults know, is totally offensive and is never used in a good way.
    It should be offensive to everyone (as we all know and love women and girls), not just to “ladies”.
    We all know many more derogatory words to insult women.
    We hear these words on a regular basis everywhere.
    They exist and they are used.
    We are not deaf and neither are our children.
    They have a profound effect on a woman’s self esteem and confidence in the world.
    Whether they are said directly to a person, about a person or just in general, they degrade women.
    There is no male equivalents for a reason.
    Just stop using them, for our kids’ sake.

  12. I don’t do it Linda, and it seems the person they banned didn’t either.

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