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In the Finance Committee Meeting 19 November 2020:

Flat redecoration

Resolved that the flat be redecorated by the grounds maintenance team.

This relates to the flat at the Lakeside Café which is occupied by the Head of Security Sam Knowles.

Ferret has previously reported that we have already paid for the Head of Security to have:

New plants and carpets which cost you £740

An Amazon Echo Dot Speaker at £44.99

We also paid for her flat to be redecorated.

Ferret wonders if any other member of the Township has had their home redecorated by Independent Hemsworth Town Council…

By Ferret

6 thought on “Flat redecoration costs…”
  1. When was a post called head of security created? What do they do exactly?

  2. Well why stop at redecorating, why not clear councillors land, oops they’ve done that, well what about clearing councillors household rubbish, oops they’ve done that or what about repairing councillors drives oops they’ve done that, or making private gated access for councillors oops they’ve done that, or using councillors companies or paying in cash or letting Kenyon loose with petty cash or employing friends and family ………………

  3. Friends with benefits. Just saying. To be honest I’d rather do my own decorating considering what the pay off is 🤮

  4. Considering Jim’s love of everything 1970’s I’m assuming all the walls and ceilings have been artexed. Probably with some old bags he had in his shed from 1978 that he sold the council on the cheap. a bargain at 20 quid a bag, and comes complete with more asbestos. Not sure about the chintzy curtains and bean bags though?

  5. It’s not illegal to provide employees with accommodation and I’m sure HTC can justify their decision.
    However, such an arrangement does fall under Employee Benefits and a separate tax return is required:
    “Use form P11D WS1 if you’re an employer and need to work out the cash equivalent of providing living accommodation to an employee.”
    I just wonder if the HTC has submitted this form yet, for the years 2019-20 and 2020-21.
    From reviewing the various monthly expense transactions, it looks as though HTC pay all the associated running costs of this accommodation, in addition to the initial decoration costs, CCTV etc All these costs mount up.
    Value for money?

  6. Would just like to let you know Sam knowles is also bar manager and grounds maintenance manger so I think she’s a general manager of the water park or town council

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