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Ferret finds it strange that Independent Hemsworth Town Council appears to have overlooked the Community Governance Review, other than one link to it from their website.

Hemsworth Town Council have neither decided to discuss any implications to the Hemsworth area nor submit a response on behalf of the residents they represent, which Ferret finds extremely odd.

Essentially, the Review will consider how well Hemsworth Town Council are operating against the reasons it was initially established.

There are three key questions to ask and answer when assessing the performance of Hemsworth Parish Council:

Q1. What is the overriding purpose of a Parish Council?

It should be: To create cohesive, attractive and economically vibrant local communities

How well Is Hemsworth Town Council achieving this for all its residents and in particular Fitzwilliam and Kinsley residents?

Q2. What are the underlying expectations of a Parish Council?

They should be: a) a well-run organisation (the administration)

b) with effective and inclusive participation, representation and leadership (community representation)

How well Is Hemsworth Town Council achieving this for all its residents and in particular Fitzwilliam and Kinsley residents?

Q3. What is the point of having Community Governance systems?

Their objectives should include:

a) To facilitate strategic and visionary leadership

b) To enable inclusive, active and effective participation by individuals and organisations

c) To engage effectively with the community at neighbourhood level, including capacity building to develop the community’s skills, knowledge and confidence

d) To promote the concept of community cohesion

How well Is Hemsworth Town Council achieving this for all its residents and in particular Fitzwilliam and Kinsley residents?

In answering these questions, based on all the evidence Ferret has presented over the last few months, Independent Hemsworth Town Council falls far short of meeting their reason for existing.

Therefore, the residents need to consider:

a) Should the Town Council be disbanded?

b) Should the Town Council be split into two, with Fitzwilliam and Kinsley forming their own separate Parish?

c) Should the Town Council be allowed to continue as is, with no major changes foreseeable until the next election in May 2023?

Ferret feels that the residents of Fitzwilliam and Kinsley may feel that there is significant merit in choosing option B. This is because Fitzwilliam and Kinsley contribute 33% of the precept monies but see little benefit as most activities are held in Hemsworth. As such, residents are often described as “poor relations”.

As a separate Parish, it would control 100% of its precept monies (approx. £250,000 pa) to invest in more focused community improvements and it could begin to develop its own village identity, run by its own local Councillors (with possibly 11 Councillors).

Ferret wonders what other residents think?

Maybe a public consultation meeting might be in everyone’s best interests?


Why would Independent Hemsworth Town Council want to keep this quiet?…

By Ferret

7 thought on “Community Governance Review…”
  1. Getting rid of the Kirkby road gang would be a start.

  2. As a Fitzwilliam person the idea of decoupling ourselves from Hemsworth does seem attractive and it can be done and yes it’s been discussed. The question begging answering is why people would want to countenance such action. Clearly the antics of HTC are known to some to others not but trust me they’re being found out. The current HTC have made much of how badly WMDC have treated this area and yes they have a valid point in that however they do exactly the same to us in both these villages. Our land they sell, other land they tried to sell, our community centre they wanted to sell and what benefits would we see from them NONE. Why? Because they need the money to balance the books because of their utterly insane fiscal policies since they were elected. Thousands wasted on needless legal fees, more thousands wasted on renovating past their sell by date pubs, thousands on antiquated pop bands, thousands on needless audits to try and prove rediculous conspiracy theories that only they believed, thousands on not needed machinery, thousands paid out in cash, thousands paid out for plans for land that was still subject to litigation, we could go on. Should we reall stay?

  3. What could Fitzwilliam and Kinsley do with £250,000 pa?
    Personally, I’d look at ways we could generate our own off-grid energy – enough to meet all the energy needs for the next ten years. It would probably need a fair bit of land – but we are surrounded by land, so not really a problem. We could probably attract additional income through grants. It would be great to think we could all have free energy. I’m no techy though, so I’ve no idea if it’s possible.
    We could then focus on getting free broadband for everyone and maybe laptops into our primary schools.
    And just think how many benches we could have!
    Also, a by-pass would make the busy Wakefield road much healthier. Other villages, much smaller than ours, have managed to find ways of diverting traffic.
    Let’s face it, at the moment we don’t see much return on the precept monies. It’s such a waste.

  4. I’m not for separating the villages, we are bonded, and better together. Just needs a better set of people in charge, and to learn from the lessons of this Kenyon con job. I am all for Hemsworth possibly determining it’s own destiny in future though, absent of parochial Wakefield nonsense. Hemsworth/Kinsley/Fitzwilliam has always been stronger together, and can be again without the Kenyon cosa nostra in place.

  5. Richard, you could well be right but I’ve lived here nearly 20 years and HTC have always kept its residents at arms length and so not encouraged consultation, engagement or involvement. When I turned up to ask a question at my first HTC Meeting, I was given a very frosty reception and asked “Why don’t you become a Councillor if you are that bothered”, as if that is the only option to becoming involved! I see their role more as a facilitator to seek and act on residents wishes but, once elected, our Councillors seem to think it’s all down to them. I don’t see how this can be changed. It’s a totally different mindset that’s needed. Much less arrogance for a start!

  6. A bit off subject like but does anyone know what the opening hours are for the windsurfer over the festive period thanks in advance.

  7. I can assure you it wasn’t always like that Linda, and it needs to get back to a proper functioning council ASAP. Not an agenda driven cartel of spivs.

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