Wed. May 22nd, 2024

A Seasonal reprise of – A few but only a few of Kenyon’s “achievements” in brief…

On the fourth day of KenyonmessLakeside Café- Opposed by Kenyon

The failed Windsurfer pub was converted to a café and indoor children’s play area, to provide a more meaningful and useful service to this community.

At the time hundreds of pubs were closing every month due to the changing habits of the nation but then like now Kenyon knew best but fortunately once again he failed to prevent progress and the conversion was completed.

By Ferret

3 thought on “The 24 Days of Kenyon-mess…”
  1. Sad isn’t it that they have misspent and wasted tens of thousands of pounds trying to turn the clock back to force upon us a sixties style pub that people gave up on years and years ago. As expected by the community it became a cash cow while being converted and a disasterous loss maker for us to upkeep every year on.

  2. Another fine example of wasting other people’s money. That place as a stand alone pub cannot and will not break even never mind make a profit. They can do whatever they will with the accounts it won’t hide the fact that it’s a loss maker and will continue to be so a few five quid dinners here and there and a karaoke singer on a piss wet Sunday afternoon is not going to alter it’s fortunes. It was a great place back in its day but that was then this is now times have changed sadly HTC seem unable to accept that and are infatuated with in their own words “restoring it to it’s past glory”. I wonder given that some among them are from a business background would they risk their own capital in such a venture I doubt very much. Had they sought reputable advice done appropriate surveys listened to and looked around them then everything pointed to the exact opposite of what they’ve done. Bear also in mind the initial capital outlay they paid out on it can never be recovered because the place will never ever make a stand alone profit it was shut for a reason most people know and accept that reason except them. I told two councillor you’re making the wrong decision with that place they dismissed me out of hand that place will bleed and leach money annually and if and when we get a new administration then that place needs seriously looking at and maybe Frenkels doing the account

  3. It should go out to tender for a private firm to run the pub and lakes. Get some activities back on like paddle boards.

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