Tue. May 28th, 2024

Ferret, alongside many other members of the Township have identified numerous issues with the way Independent Hemsworth Town Council operates and realise they fall well below expected standards.

Ferret believes this is similar in nature to the “Special Measures” grading or “must try harder”.

Ferret understands that Independent Hemsworth Town Council have already lost the “Quality Council” status they inherited from the previous Town Council.

Having looked at various other Parish / Town Councils documents, Ferret has found some examples of, in my opinion “Outstanding” Councils to do a comparison.

Holmes Chapel Parish Council have achieved the Local Council Award Scheme “Quality Gold” standard, and has a similar Precept to Hemsworth.

Having looked into their documents, I was delighted to find all the information (and more) that we have been requesting from Hemsworth Town Council.

Just taking a look at their Agenda and Minutes of their Strategy and Finance Committee Meeting on 22.7.21 gave me access to all the information we would expect from an “open and transparent” Council.

They even have a very well set out and organised 5 Year Project Plan, with forecast figures included for all Capital Spending and sources of additional funding, to contribute towards the costs.

If other Councils can provide quality, in-depth paperwork with fully documented supporting evidence, Why can’t Mr Alan Draper – Clerk Independent Hemsworth Town Council…

By Ferret

3 thought on “Independent Hemsworth Town Council no longer a “Quality Council””
  1. This explains why the Quality Status was lost or given up by Kenyon’s lackeys as the first things that went were the additional auditors checks that have to be undertaken every few months. I expect this is one of the claimed savings they made since coming in to office along with bringing the Eccles’ friend in when the books didn’t balance after the Lakeside conversion free for all with our money. Great savings or freedom from the financial protection our community should expect from a council, while community funds are transferred from our banks to their pockets or misused on councillors property, procurement from Councillors companies, or money spent without any proper procedures or risk management undertaken. Well done Councillors, for yourselves anyway.

  2. Alan is Town Clerk for Thorpe Audlin. The minutes are far better and more comprehensive and have the financial information on each one produced. Just search for Thorpe Audlin parish council and you see the results.

    The Hemsworth ones are Spartan by comparison.

  3. Yes you’re right, so there’s obviously a reason he’s choosing to do this at Hemsworth. It seems it can only be to hide or disguise the real reason for the item on the agenda from the general public and there are many of them. It’s an absolute disgrace and dereliction of his duty and responsibility to us the people who pay his salary. The more misconduct that is being revealed the murkier the position of this Kenyon regime gets.

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