Wed. May 22nd, 2024

These are the exact words used by Mr Jim Kenyon – Chair Independent Hemsworth Town Councillor and Mr Ian Womersley – Independent District (and former Town) Councillor, used on numerous occasions relating to the lack of services they perceived Hemsworth received compared to other areas of the district, by Wakefield Council.

Mr Ian Womersley still to this day, claims Hemsworth is “owed” thousands of ££££ from Wakefield Council.

Ferret was intrigued then, when considering the above, that Independent Hemsworth Town Council organised for members of the public and paid staff from Hemsworth Town Council to clean up Hemsworth Market.

The site which is owned and maintained by Wakefield Council which YOU already pay for in your Council Tax.

Ferret wonders how much Wakefield Council paid Independent Hemsworth Town Council to complete this work?

Or have YOU paid twice for it?…

By Ferret

7 thought on “We won’t take no for an answer…”
  1. As always they talk the talk, get elected on promises after promises, then walk the walk, hoping it goes away or somebody else does the job they will then claim credit for. So break your silence and give an update on Vale head park, Hemsworth cemetery, all the council litter picks and any other clean ups you did . What did they cost us and how much payment have you received back from Wakefield? The I won’t take no for an answer, how many meetings did you actually have with Wakefield over these issues?
    A big thank you to all the people,
    men women and children who voluntarily have been cleaning up our township and without seeking any publicity for it for a long time now. They’re our real unsung heroes not these self publicising self centred hypocrites.

  2. i had this discussion the litter pickers who are the heros are cleaning the local comunitys ..i asked why they were doing dog track when its private owned according to a email i got answered the dog track car park belongs to the dog track making it private….not wakefield coucil …so in my eyes the dog track should be cleaning it or paying somebody to clean it …am i wrong?

  3. As Wakefield street services are drying up on us, are Hemsworth Town Council preparing to take on everything themselves, justifying all the equipment under storage at the Water Park?
    The litter never stops piling up, yet we still don’t have enough bins!
    Volunteer litter picking is not a long term solution.
    The next problem is going to be gritting and snow clearing.
    HTC to the rescue again?
    Another photo opportunity and to sing their own praises again?
    We need strategic long-term solutions to tackle all our issues – thoughtful and effective leadership.
    Neither Ian nor our HTC decision making majority have demonstrated this.
    We need change.

  4. well I,ve just seen Kalamity Kenyon’s aka the bodgers response to the questions posed by ferret today. They are obviously written by the crispman. The questions are direct, straight forward,and should be very easy to answer. Yet do we get an answer, no of couse not as the truth would hurt the Bodgers ego, caught out lying yet again. So what does he do, he goes into the very tired routine of trying to divert from the issues raised to whatever he thinks he can rant and rave about and spews bodgers bile with his continuous routine of seeminingly endless lies or Pringles porkies as now seems appropriate. kenyon Bodger or whatever you prefer to be called, you were rumbled a long time ago, your lackeys may still believe you but your credibility went a long time ago. Given the rubbish you’ve just spouted today, I bet Saul can’t wait to get you round the mediation table and make a complete laughing stock out of you. If they ask what your qualifications are will you tell them? lol.

  5. He’s a mindless idiotic imbocile, a know all that can’t see when he’s being laughed at. it’s absolutely right and apparent that he’s got mental health issues and it needs sorting. He’s lost the respect of so many sectors of this communty and of course that reflects very badly on the council and us as a whole. It should be remembered that he wasn’t actually voted into office and he needs to be aware of that the next time he gives our assets away to his inner circle. He’s lied and broken pledge after pledge to this community without a second thought to the consquences. When are the majority of this council going to wake up and start voting with the good and honest ones who are in the minority to bring a quick end to this seemingly endless list of Kenyons scams that keep being exposed and are endangering the future of this community?

  6. I totally agree Rose, we need Councillors we can trust, who are willing to not only allow questions to be asked, but to listen and debate with community to come up with the best options for everyone.
    We have these people and need to vote them onto the council.
    Only then will it dawn on the current majority their mistakes.

  7. This bodger badger fellow or woman whoever they are when someone replies to the FB page if it disagrees with them it’s deleted instantly

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