Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Further to my previous posts on this issue Ferret can confirm that Mr Alan Draper – Clerk Independent Hemsworth Town Council has now confirmed that Hemsworth Town Council are fully aware that the access road to Hemsworth Waterpark, off Hoyle Mill Lane next to Councillors Gordon and Jean Eccles home does not belong to them.

The path/road land from the Hoyle Mill Road side is owned by Wakefield Council.

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So, Ferret would like to make this statement:

The Gate controlled by Councillors Gordon and Jean Eccles was erected illegally by Hemsworth Town Council on land owned by Wakefield Council.

Ferret looks forward to Hemsworth Town Council issuing a correction in due course….

By Ferret

25 thought on “Gordon’s illegal gate is on Wakefield Council land…”
  1. Just as suspected, it all happened too quickly as there is a process to follow to close an highway and these matters always take time and are not always successful, far from it. It does raise the question as why Hemsworth Town Council took this course of action and whose legal advice they took, if any especially Kenyon’s, before acting unlawfully. This actually should raise an independent investigation and the Councillors and staff involved in this illicit act should be held to account and those involved should face dismissal or resignation as appropriate to their positions. We all know the real reason it was erected in the first place and a threat to our community Waterpark exists until it is removed. So Wakefield show your authority and remove it as quickly as you can please and don’t let Kenyon and the Eccles’ show contempt to you and our community and to all the others in the Wakefield district that use our beautiful family facility.

  2. Mr Draper has only given half a truthful answer as I see it, because according to the plans that were published previously, he should have said
    The path/road land AND THE ENCLOSED GARDEN NEARLY UP TO THE SIDE OF THE HOUSE, from the Hoyle Mill Road side is owned by Wakefield Council.

  3. So question
    1. Does Wakefield know about the gate?
    2. Did HTC (Lord and lady) get permission
    for said gate.
    I am guessing the answers are no.
    So now it has been admitted what is going to happen?

  4. As Richie points out as well the encroachment of Coun Eccles land which now sees the street lampost inside his yard! Blatant theft for all to see! Daylight robbery! Or in this case streetlight robbery! If he has the arrogance to do this in plain view…then what else do they cheat and steal with that nobody knows of!

  5. I do believe wakefield are aware of the issue with the gate and are currently investigating it.

  6. I reported this gate as a footpath obstruction to WMDC in October. I can’t remember the exact date. I will ask them for an update.

  7. Yes Wakefield know about the gate since I reported it in October.

  8. again is there minueted evidence of the need for a gate in any of the meetings also who approved it how much was costings i.e gates an fixing of gate also evidence of application yto wakefield for permission

  9. Hi Kevin,
    These are the entries I can find. As usual though, there’s not much detail and no costs mentioned.
    On 13 June 2019 (L & R):
    Gate proposal: Hoyle Mill Rd entrance. Gate to be procured, to consider compliance with highway matters.
    Entrance area: Wakefield Rd. Deferred
    On 4 July 2019 (P & P):
    Water Park Entrance area: Poor state/lighting. Agreed to repair entrance area.
    I remember Cllr J Eccles recently informing members of the public that the gate was justified because Yorkshire Water said it was required, but there’s absolutely no mention of this in the minutes and, I’m sure (if this was the case) that Cllr Kenyon would be looking to Yorkshire Water to erect the gate at their cost.
    Nothing is ever transparent!

  10. I have had an email conversation with the clerk about this gate. He originally said the gate was locked to prevent vehicular access to the park whilst the water board were working in the car park. Then he said the gate has been put there to stop any untoward behaviour. Not his exact words but that’s what he meant. I then asked Cllr Maxine Hird on her councillor Facebook page if the gate was to be removed now the water board have finished. She said the gate will be open all the time. I’ve since gone down to the park out of opening hours and have seen the gate closed, so I asked the clerk about it. He said the gate will be locked when Lakeside cafe bar is closed. So it seems some councillors are unaware of this also, judging by Maxine’s response to me.

  11. Can you rememember not so long ago, a furry “bodger” animal appeared and rose to the defence of Kenyon and co but soon went into hibernation because before sleepy time it admitted that Kenyon’s Council had fixed a job interview and employed a councillor’s wife in a senior position and also was only getting a handful of people looking at the site. Well its been woken up again and guess what, we’re all wrong about gordon eccles. He’s the great protector of the waterpark, according to “bodger” he stole the land and built the wall on the access area to prevent the last lot from developing it. What a man, stealing a patch of land and building a brick wall to enlarge and enclose his garden just to protect this community. Proper robin hood, or “robber hood” our gordon more like, lol. Don’t laugh too much because there’s more, bodger has now risen to the defence of ian womersley and given him such a glowing reference, without a shred of evidence, but it gets even better, good old bodger has accussed the other ex councillor cop of illegal activities so we don’t have, according to “Bodger” good cop bad cop we actually have wait for it……….. bad cop and bad cop lol, both ex independent hemsworth councilors.I can’t stop laughing, Bodger is back, what a JoKe and doing a great job, what a laugh. Keep the JoKes coming

  12. You couldn’t make this up, when they took the donkeys out of playworld did they drop one off at the council offices and call it JoKe, this man’s a dangerous idiot and thinks we’re a as stupid as him he needs to get help and quick. Definitely a right bodger.

  13. I wonder why the Town Council aren’t using bodger to make these corrections on the official Town Council site. He’s making a great job of dropping them in it even further. 2 ex councillor “bad” cops, another stealing land to protect the community, and this on top of fixed job interviews. Looking forward to more 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. Well Badgers post this morning is even better.
    So we are fighting a legal battle with Saul , bet someone had to correct themselves from putting Sauly.
    For land that according to the knowledgeable Badger, is so badly contaminated if we step on it goodness knows what would happen to us,
    Or it this where the advisory group hold their meetings and there brains are affected from all the gases etc.
    Couldn’t make it up could you !!!

  15. Well I didn’t have to wait long for more revelations and this one is the biggest of the lot, we all know who is the king pin, prime mover and leader regarding wanting to keep the Kirkby Road site and that is, stupid is as stupid does, Jim Kenyon. Here are the words that confirm it, extracted straight from the bodgers keyboard,
    Hemsworth Badger
    The (existing sandygate) sports complex is unsuitable for a new sett.
    The south kirkby road sports complex was deliberately chosen as an open field sports venue ……….
    yep hes done it again, Kenyons sorry bodger both want their new home or sett to be the Kirkby Road site, evil twins or one in the same? I have no doubts so Jim Bodger or Bodger Kenyon another fine mess you’ve got the council and your lackies in. Just to think all this time you hid behind the sub judice rule to avoid answering awkward questions about the site, don’t be surprised when the court case papers arrive at your sett or would you prefer the council offices.

  16. he taking a break and attacking me for some badger baiting ive been doing he is truly a despicable verminous cretin

  17. they blocked me from signing in on their website were it says sign in to respond

  18. Good god just looked at badger, somebody is rattled and hurling abuse from his sett. Also Janet has crawled out of her fb sabbatical.

  19. draper now refusing to answer my questions re gordons golden gate deliberately stalling and deflecting in a very amateurish way i must add

  20. I’ve asked for details of their procurement policy, info on who gave the go ahead for the gate and who the key holders for it are, amongst other things. I doubt I’ll get a reply as there’s much stalling going on with my request too. Seems Mr Draper has a lot on his plate since HTC directed all questions, criticism and comments to him.

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