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Ferret has been forwarded the glowing testimonial posted on behalf of David Pringle, the man who has tried repeatedly to be elected to Hemsworth Town Council as part of the Kenyon Independent Party, written by his wife Councillor Linda Pringle, who is already part of the Independent Cabal who are currently running Hemsworth Town Council.

It has been posted on the Facebook Group “Hemsworth Hub” which is hosted by recently elected Shane Folletti who is also part of the Independent Cabal and the man who was “knighted” by Mr Jim Kenyon – Chair Hemsworth Town Council, appropriately in fancy dress (not a clown’s outfit but laughable enough) that is also posted on the Internet.

Ferret is not interest in how a man behaved or what he did or didn’t do or otherwise, nearly 40 years ago, what I do care about is his conduct now.

The Pringles obviously left Nottinghamshire and were made welcome in our community here in Hemsworth, West Yorkshire.

Ferret has been informed that the conduct of David Pringle going back many years now has been nothing short of obnoxious. Apparently, it has been witnessed by some over the years but was seen and heard by Ferret and many others via the recording and streaming of the recent Hemsworth Town Council meetings via social media.

There is a phrase “self praise is no recommendation” so whichever of the Pringles actually wrote this article take note.

This man was accepted from outside, into our Community – But how does he repay the friendship that was given to him?

The answer is he tries to prevent people who have lived here all their lives and others like him who are trying to join our Township from enjoying what he has, a lovely home in a lovely location.

You’ve probably guessed, the Pringles live adjacent to the former Sports Complex on Kirkby Road. It would come as no surprise to Ferret, if he actually believes he bought the adjacent land along with his home and should dictate what it is used for, such is the arrogance witnessed.

There’s another saying “birds of a feather flock together”. Pringle has been a right-hand man to Mr Jim Kenyon throughout his vendetta to prevent the redevelopment of the former Sports Complex site on Kirkby Road. A prominent member of the Hemsworth Community Forum, he is an ever present talking down and over anyone in particular women, with opinions that don’t comply with the world of Kenyon and his followers.

Pringle – If you want to be accepted and treated like a decent person then first you need to start behaving like one.

As you are finding out the people around here won’t put up with you or your sort, especially the ladies in this Township. They are all the things you are not and will always stand up to simple minded bully boys like you, as are already finding out.

Your tactics haven’t and will never work here in Hemsworth; our Yorkshire lasses will wipe the floor with you and your kind but will do it the right way. They are strong willed and determined, polite and respectful.

Ferret finds it extraordinary that you now want to Play “the wounded soldier” when you’ve been exposed. Your past glory days even if true, means nothing here to the thousands of people who suffered the same hardships as you claim and some even far worse. You are one of many and as seen by your behaviour, are not fit to mix with decent people.
So Ferret has a simple message for you Mr David Pringle:

“Shape up, grow up or move out if you can’t accept that the people who live here or who want to move here have the same rights to own a home as you”.

Ferret is pleased to see that meetings at Hemsworth Town Council are being recorded. Please keep those cameras rolling and the reports to Police every time this “wonderful man” reverts to caveman and childish tactics.

As to Mr David Pringles recent threats regarding litigation and his intention to “spend £30000” via his Leeds based solicitor – Ferret looks forward to the letter arriving in my burrow…

By Ferret

10 thought on “David Pringle – Saint my arse!”
  1. Bravo Ferret, straight talking but every word is true. Pringle came out of the same mould as Kenyon, the Eccles’, Womersley, and co, all claim to be the bees knees and are the total opposite.

  2. On the election leaflet for May 2021 he put he had been Secretary for Hemsworth Community Forum “the last 12 years.”
    He admitted on Thursday night to a member Of the public who told him about his behaviour on Tuesday. He then went on about how the lady in the front spoke to the chairman like a five year old.
    The irony is that week was hate crime week and the West Yorkshire Mayor announced that misogyny was a priority objective of the force.
    It’s all on tape I believe plus didn’t Lyn say she heard it.
    If Hemsworth Town Council don’t take his behaviour at meetings seriously then WYP will.

  3. During the meeting last Tuesday when a woman was asking a few questions Pringle urged the chair to ‘let somebody else ask questions’
    At this point there wasn’t many folk actually trying to ask questions. The questions were all around the Kirkby Road complex, that woman actually started the questions by saying what she was about to ask had nothing to do with the court case as she knew it wasn’t allowed to be discussed, the questions were all around if the complex could go ahead where would funds be found, ongoing running costs and so on. At the end of the questions Pringle gave a very random speech about the court battles and so forth, nothing to do with building and operating costs, but the court case. It’s almost as if he was trying to say that woman had brought up the case. Very odd behaviour indeed.
    Also odd that he found himself placed to even make such speech, he’s not an elected councillor. It was a session for the public to ask questions not for him to give speeches.
    He then opened Thursdays ‘questions’ with a speech about Facebook and his work.
    While I’m at it. His claim that he doesn’t use social media so as not to bring his employer in to disrepute is a curious one. There are very few jobs where social media is banned for employees, there is usually a general rule that you don’t post anything that could bring your employer into disrepute but that’s very different to not being on social media at all. Unless he doesn’t trust himself not to post something he shouldn’t?

  4. Hemsworth community forum my rear end, Hemsworth hub my rear end all fronts for a non democratic clique masquerading as a group of individual independent minded people with an even more select clique and inner circle who manipulate and direct the lower order of fools amongst them. They fool no one or should I say they won’t fool folk again. How many of these independents have actually voted against the ruling order, none, rather strange that they are all independent but never differ and vote accordingly. Try joining them that so called hub it’s a joke

  5. I have to say I saw the post on FB and at the time I thought this is a desperate attempt to try and prove him to be a credible person. As I have said previously feathers have been ruffled.

  6. Oh how it all falls into place, Kenyon ensuring Pringle gets “air time” at meetings to show the world how astute and knowledgeable he is as well as being the spokesperson for the council on questions. Pity his brain size doesn’t match the size of his mouth. Are all the other Kenyon independents really so thick that they allow this to happen and how useless it makes them look. Seems to me that his promotion to Kenyon’s spokesperson and the sickening self praise on the hub site is nothing but early electioneering for the West End ward vacancy. When will Dingle, sorry Pringle take no for an answer. you are a useless vile waste of space to keep it as polite as I can.

  7. This is an interesting read but does nothing good for the reputation of Hemsworth Parish.
    I haven’t lived here all my life either but, since moving here, the Parish has regressed, especially in more recent times, and this needs to stop.
    The overriding objective of everyone on the council (at the meetings, watching the live streams and all other residents) must be to improve our little community, for everyone.
    We cannot allow a few individuals to sabotage this goal with their own private agendas or disgraceful and disrespectful behaviours. Yet we have a Council Leader who turned a blind eye in our meetings last week and allowed this to happen. He even did and said nothing when a Cllr had to leave the room. He is part of the problem, not the solution.
    This attitudes and behaviours of certain entitled individuals need to change, and quickly, or be quashed.
    We all know of certain individuals who demand respect and yet others gain respect by their deeds, words and actions. We need more of the latter representing us on the Council.
    Let’s try and put things back to rights, please.
    The vacancy on Hemsworth West ward presents us with an opportunity (a step) towards achieving this.

  8. David Pingle and his boozing partner, the HTC Chairmain can often be seen out on the lash. Normally stood at the bar in the Hemsworth Community Forum headquarters, otherwise known as the top hat ! J*mmy/Janet/Badger often declares the importance of data security and the non-sharing of sensitive council matters with anyone not of council staff, yet discusses everything with his drinking buddy. Including all the details regarding the kirkby road sports complex court battle. Even Mr Pringle himself boasting of the fact that he is fully involved with the battle and is a member of an advisory sub panel! This man is NOT an elected councillor and if we are lucky, he never will be!! In my opinion he should not be party to data/information given to him by J*mmy or any other of the Hemsworth cabal !

  9. it would appear this sierra charharlie alpha beta as the required dna of a lecherous devious verminous rat like snake , just the desired recipe of the independent caba`ls required credentials

  10. in what capacity was this moronic cowardly bully answering questions

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