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Ferret like a lot of others, is puzzled why certain Councillors suddenly want a lift installing at the Lakeside Café Bar.

The upstairs room is very rarely used and of course there is no shortage of venues in the area who offer similar facilities, so a lift will not alter the attractiveness of the Lakeside Café Bar .

Councillors Kenyon, Jean Eccles and Gordon Eccles were very vociferous in their attempts to push a lift through at the Town Council meeting last night (14 October 2021) despite claiming not to know exactly where it would be fitted and having any business rational for it.

Ferret was astounded when Councillor Kenyon was able to produce a cost to us of £17000.

When told there was no provision in the budget for this spending, Councillor Jean Eccles simply demanded to take this money from reserves!

Ferret has often highlighted the lack of any business planning or forward thinking of any kind by this council but then got thinking, maybe, just maybe they are planning ahead…

“Lord and Lady” Eccles have just been gifted their dream of many years, the Waterpark. They are relocating to reside at the Lakeside Café Bar, newly converted to a luxury Des Res, complete with lift to meet their needs in their advancing years. The Lakeside Café Bar has now been renamed “Eccles Manor” overlooking the splendour and the beauty of the lake and its surroundings.  Whilst Craven House is now the Gate Keepers Lodge manned by their puppet Little Jimmy Kenyon.

A Dream for them a Nightmare for this community…

By Ferret

10 thought on “Lakeside Café Bar Lift…”
  1. is there anyway we the precept payers can object to the cabals spending

  2. this was a red card to me …want a lift for old and disabled to be able to use the upstairs for weddings funerals theyve had to turn away business…..how long as water park been open? theyve only just made it viable for the disabled and old age in wheel chairs to be able to get round taking gates off and steps out ….after numerous complaints from disabled people and carers ….this is suppose to be a seaside theme yet i see no way disabled people can sit on beach, (as they call it ).or play in playworld as there is nothing disbled friendly for them to partake in ..but they still pay to enter …..the paths round the water park are uneven and stoney making wheel chair use harder to get round …..they want disabled acess for pub ? do it all round make the water park friendly and usable for them … i dont think a lift will help with business for wedding and funerals when the local pubs go all out for the local people ….how many wedding has there been at water park ?

  3. Who would want to hold a wedding down there. For God’s sake

  4. The whole place is a hostile environment for disabled people the likelihood of a wheelchair bound or mobility scooter rider navigating the outer circle of the lake is zero the paths are unavigateable and in winter up to the eyes in shit so difficult even for able bodied. This is my whole point about more football pitches and nature walks at the other end of Hemsworth they’re not needed. The water park Vale head park two publicly owned venues at the minute anyways. A bit of thought and joint working and both places could be made enjoyable and an asset to us all both have openness and nature in abundance both have access to even more within five minutes walk of them. Both only need minimal expenditure and utilising correctly and they could be made a very enjoyable amenity for all sections of our community

  5. The way they were pushing for the lift there’s a lot of disabled people rushing to get married there. They really seem to think it is the place to be seen. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  6. lord and lady eccles when they get their thieving greasy fingers on it perhaps they will start holding oap n derby and joan does with disabled facilities forward thinking from a conniving charlaton

  7. i concur, being disabled i find it difficult to traverse the venues

  8. My concern was issues brought up at the meeting by both councilllor hird and middleton and backed up by the clerk to some degree
    Where is the money coming from
    Nearly £500,000 in reserves when this lot walked in to our money now just over £300,000
    So they are not only spending our Precept monies but also money that was there in the reserves
    Where have they spent that £200,000
    The way they state we have £900,000 in the bank making out they are in a good position when in reality they arnt
    From what I got that £900,000 comprised as
    Over £600,000 is the Precept money Which they would have recieved this half around the beginning of October
    And is already budgeted for eg wages, bills etc
    £87,000 has to go to into another account I forgot what they called it
    And that they said left around £300,000 which is not law but advised to be left in reserves
    When the clerk stated we don’t have the money left from the Precept and he advised it be budgeted for next year Mr Kenyon stated we do have the money in reserves
    Them reserves are going fast there will be nothing in them when we finally get shut of Kenyon
    What happens in an emergency which these reserves are for cos let’s face it they do happen look at the lockdown
    Males you wonder why when we went into lockdown in March 2 days before mothers day they waited until they recieved the Precept money to start helping the elderly and vulnerable which these reserves are for by the way giving the food bank £200 each but his football friends and shancys £1000 each to me doesn’t help the elderly and vulnerable

  9. There should be business plans and target figures and the public should be asked as it is their money they are spending on their little adventures
    But as we see they take no notice of the public
    In 2019 the public disagreed with the transformation of the lakeside back into a pub they went behind the publics back and did it
    The public disagreed with the spending on heavy machinery but the bought them anyway infact they bought them before consulting the public
    The venga boys was heavily disapproved off by the public yet he’s still spending 80,000 on it
    They have no respect for anyone else’s concerns except their own

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