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Ferret has just been sent this message – Please share it…

I have just been given a copy of a message:

“Just found out that my dad who was a Town Councillor for 35 years, this new HTC have denied him a minute’s silence which was proposed as a mark of respect. To say I am gutted is an understatement. Thank you to the person who proposed it.”

It was posted by Lorna O’Brien; she is the daughter of the late former Councillor Robert McIntyre, always affectionately known as Bob Mac.

Dear Lorna I can understand you are gutted, I am sat here with tears in my eyes as I write this so please accept my apologies if any mistakes are made.

Bob had indeed been a Town Councillor for 35 years; he worked diligently and over the years had input on many projects, some large some small but always with one aim to provide better and better facilities for this township.

Bob was strongly protective of the Waterpark; he would always be the first to remind people why it was created, to provide our residents and children who couldn’t afford a holiday with the next best thing, a seaside at home. He was fundamental and staunch in his support that brought about the Sandygate lane sports, the Windsurfer being converted from a pub to a cafe and children’s soft play area, the new Community centre and the large programme of improvements to our Allotment sites to name but a few.

The smaller day to day interactions with residents are too numerous to mention but in reality are of more importance to the people involved at the time than any of the larger ones mentioned.

I will always remember Bob with a twinkle in his eye and a good sense of humour, straight talking with his own opinions but always a true democrat, when a vote was taken, win or lose Bob accepted and respected that decision.

Bob always spoke highly of his family and it was always apparent the love that was shared between them.

To Lorna and all of Bob’s family, I am so sorry that you and Bob’s name have been treated so disrespectfully in this way, one minutes silence for a lifetime of unpaid community work seems so little to ask for a “gentleman” and former Chair of the Council, who gave so much for so long to so many.

May you rest in peace our Bob and enjoy the rewards of a selfless life of serving your community.

For and on behalf of all friends, councillors, past and present who actually knew and respected a great and good man.

By Ferret

14 thought on “Councillor Robert McIntyre”
  1. Thankyou so much for your kind words my dad lived for his council work and was a great councilor and have been told he was a great mentor to other councilors too it is lovely to here how his work has been appreciated by the people my dad knew and respected and please ferret keep up your good work it is appreciated by many

  2. Thankyou for your kind words about my grandad ❤️

  3. Bob was indeed a mentor to the Councillors and whenever an issue arose that went back years Bob could be relied upon to produce some knowledge and wisdom that always proved to be correct. The senior member in the commons is referred to as the “father of the house” and there is no doubt he was the “father of the council”.I will not comment on how yourselves and is memory have been treated other than to say just as you think their actions have hit rock bottom another basement opens up. Love and best wishes to you all.

  4. I didn’t know Bob personally I knew of him and his dedication to this community whom he served well and unpaid for a great many years a down to earth straight talking common sense fellow whose like his clearly lacking presently. I’m one of those who in eighty four took on the Thatcher regime I despised everything she and her party stood for. When she died I didn’t disrespect the woman in anyway shape or form and never would I. Such actions as this only expose an inherent sense of immaturity and childishness of those in office who clearly ought to grow up and behave in a manner befitting of an elected public representative and represent each and all in our community whether you agree with their political leanings or not. I’m sure the people of Hemsworth who knew Bob would not deny the man some respect for his service. We must really have some nasty awful vindictive creatures at HTC if they think this type of stunt is acceptable lord above they must be consumed with hatred

  5. Bob was the kindest man – he was so proud of his family and the town he lived in.

  6. bob once asked me at sandy gate cant you from kinsley read as i walked in with 2 pints from the west end club in plastic pots theres a sign saying no alchohol on these premises he took me round the corner and said its there as we got round the corner the sign had been ripped off he said 1-0 to you but there will be one on next time you come here .we had a laugh about it a minutes silence is nothing for a man who served his community for 35 years kenyon and wilson couldnt turn up for the old folks treat for kinsley and fitzwilliam when they were invited and accepted the invitation according to town clerk alan draper

  7. That was my dad for you bet he had that twinkle in his eyes Thankyou for your story and kind words

  8. That sounds a lot like my grandad always in good humour and knew when he was in the wrong! I have to ask though was there a sign there the next time you went? Haha

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