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Policy and Planning Committee Meeting

2 October 2019


Resolved that all council events and Playworld open an hour earlier during the

summer months for children with special needs.

Such a fantastic idea thought Ferret – Such a shame two years later and we are still waiting…

By Ferret

3 thought on “Hemsworth Town Council – Broken promises…”
  1. Well if they can break a pledge to the community of reducing the precept by £200000, it comes as no surprise that they will think nothing of breaking any promises at all even to the most vulnerable of our society.

  2. Kenyon tried to stop the pay and play at sandy gate in 2019 stating he would give it free to the football teams
    Many families that use that facility are those with vulnerable children that needed to be able to keep routines and this was their life line for them it was highly opposed by people in the villages and Kenyon had to back down
    Kenyon isn’t about children if he was why would he make a park for families into his own working men’s club
    For 2 years people have been asking for playworld to be updated he refused and spent the money on the pub NOW wakefield have offered us a life line to improve our villages ( not just hemsworth) he wants to spend it on play world so he can again reap the praise
    There is so much that needs doing to the villages to bring in businesses and clean them up yet this man has the money already spent on things he wants
    Kinsley and Fitzwilliam have nothing to show and have been classed as the most deprived for over 30 years yet when you ask these councillors how about helping those villages he declines to answer
    So much needs to be learnt about what has happened in the last 2 years and people need to make sure this doesn’t happen again
    Empty promises from the Eccles to the people of kinsley offering them help to sort all the flooding but it never materialised
    Wait for the holiday park being built on their precious waterpark when Eccles gets his greasy mitts on it bet the fishing lakes get sorted for that

  3. Hear hear anonymous well said. One thing this present HTC are good at is being very very Hemsworth centric. They’re about to sell a very large piece of valuable land in Fitzwilliam and we all know where the money will go and it won’t be in Fitzwilliam or Kinsley and for the record Fitzwilliam didn’t return a not so independent independent candidate in the election. If they are so eager to build fantasy sports villages and country walks why don’t they do the bloody thing there on land they own with a country park at the side of it oh I forgot it’s not in Hemsworth is it on land that many of them seem to have imagined grievances with a family that own it that’s the real reason. I’ll say it again there’s no shortage of football facilities in Hemsworth Kinsley or Fitzwilliam there’s umpteen of them

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