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Ferret has recently posted about Mr Jim Kenyon (Chair) Independent Hemsworth Town Council destroying facilities in Ayr, Scotland between 2009 and 2011.

In 2012, now back full time in Hemsworth, recently elected Councillor Jim Kenyon was telling anyone that would listen about his master plan for an “£8 Million Pounds Sports Village” to be created on the site of the former pit at South Kirkby.  

Councillor Jim Kenyon said: “The sky’s the limit and there are so many possibilities. And with double the money, there could be double the facilitates. It could be even bigger and better than we initially imagined.”

Unfortunately for Councillor Kenyon, as part of his business plan he failed to check if there was any land still available on the site…there wasn’t.

Which given Kenyon’s history, Ferret feels may have been a lucky escape for all concerned…

By Ferret

7 thought on “Kenyon the Destroyer a near miss…”
  1. Thank god, this time, for Kenyon’s stupidity and ineptitude. Thanks Ferret for continuing to highlight Kenyon’s ignorance of successful business planning and spending other people’s money recklessly. Thank our lucky stars that our community wasn’t seriously damaged by this ill thought out escapade. He obviously is incapable of learning from his many mistakes and doesn’t care about the harm he has done and continues to do to others.

  2. It’s still costing us in legal fees though, be interesting to see how much it costs in total

  3. Hi dangermouse this is not the Kirkby road complex but another one on the old Kirkby pit site now the business park! You’re right about the legal fees win or lose we lose. Just shows Kenyon always looking for ways to make money on for himself. The plans for the Kirkby road complex were in 2019 I think, on a plot of land still under litigation costing us thousands in architect drawings

  4. So that one failed at Kirby pit but hey never mind we’ll have another go on the old brickyard. The proposal for the so called sports village down there is nothing more than a vanity project ill thought out by vane men whose only concern is their own reputation in the eyes of those who voted for them. It’s cost thousands up to now and will if it goes ahead burden the taxpayers of this township for years to come. Are we seriously in desperate need of more football pitches in the town I say not there are more than adequate if utilised properly take a look at other villages and small towns around us who are comparable many have far far less than we do. The current incumbents of HTC astound me in their utter irresponsibility in the management of our money not their own, thousands spent on needless machinery, again on plans for a site that is still subject to litigation, more on needless accountancy reports based purely on conspiracy theories without no foundation in fact. I bet the legal people and the accountants eyes light up when they see them come into the room more easy money

  5. Extremely well put. I totally agree with every point you have made. We are heading for a disaster and it will happen sooner rather than later.

  6. The clerk told me that so far it’s cost over £70k! I’ve heard it could be much more though.

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