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Ferret has already unearthed a number of stories where Mr Jim Kenyon – Chair of Independent Hemsworth Town Council has destroyed both lives and business within our community.

This is the man who will promise anything to anyone who will listen, the sky’s not even the limit for Mr Jim Kenyon and his followers, who seem to believe everything he tells them.

Mr Kenyon seems unable to make a success of anything he becomes involved in:

  • The failed “footballer”
  • The failed “claimed to be College Lecturer”
  • The failed “licensee”
  • The failed “entertainments licensee”
  • The failed “claimed to be Teacher”
  • The failed “Waste disposal at Waterparks in secret expert”
  • The failed or Success “procurer of heavy machinery at extortionate prices to leave idle”
  • The failed “air pollution expert”
  • The failed “sports ground expert”
  • The failed “claimed to be qualified builder”
  • The failed “claimed to be a former member of the armed forces”

However, Ferret will accept Mr Kenyon has successfully spent YOUR money recklessly since 2019, without any form of business planning and as Chair of the Council being able to spend £500 a day at will.

Ferret has been fully open and transparent throughout my posts, particularly in relation to the former Sports Complex land on Kirkby Road in Hemsworth and the ongoing litigation which, whatever the outcome will cost YOU ££££££££.

However, Ferret was unaware until my recent trip, that Mr Jim Kenyon had already destroyed a similar facility at Ayr in Scotland, with striking similarities to what is happening in OUR community now.

As with all of my posts, all of the following is verified true from both freedom of information requests and other reputable sources.

The contents will sound very familiar – the end results could well be how OUR community and OUR assets are heading.

Ayr in Scotland

Mr Jim Kenyon and his business partner left Blackpool (another caper that ferret is currently investigating) and in 2009 headed north of the boarder to Scotland – Ayr to be exact.

They had spotted a “business opportunity” at a local Greyhound stadium.

They promised the world, a new restaurant and bar (sound familiar?), new facilities for the dogs and negotiated a 25 year lease with Ayr council and trundled off to Scotland with a bag full of cash (where that came from is also another story, let’s just say there was a small business owner in the West Midlands who was not too pleased that that was the last he saw of his investment) and they also promised family fun days (sounding familiar?).

SOUTH AYRSHIRE LICENSING BOARD. Minutes of a Meeting in County Buildings, Wellington Square, Ayr, on 7th May 2009 at 10.00 a.m.

Applications for the Permanent Transfer of Licences. The Board approved the following applications: – Applicant. Premises. Type of Licence.

(2) Partnership of Ayr Greyhound Stadium Entertainment Stadia Voluntary Park Promotions and Glenmuir Place James Kenyon Ayr 5. Licensing (Scotland) Act, 2005. (a) Applications for Premises Licence. Schedule 1

Now to say this was just a dog track would be an understatement, it was a licensed premises, had a floodlit football pitch and changing rooms, restaurant and social area.

Most importantly, it was the home to one of the best Scottish junior teams Whitletts Victoria F.C, now this you would think would be close to Kenyon’s heart. As an “ex footballer who claimed to devote a large amount of his time to coaching our youngsters” He would do his best to really look after them.

Just two years later – Guess what happened?

The football club in crisis and £440000 needed spending on their once proud stadium.

Promises like pie crusts, as Mary Poppins said, are easily broken.

The venue was now in a dangerous condition and unsafe to use.

The restaurant improvements had never happened and even the floodlights had been dismantled.

South Ayrshire Council ordered Mr Jim Kenyon and Co. to vacate the premises which hosted social functions, quoting amongst other things health and safety issues and remedial work totalling nearly £500,000. This was only 2 years into their 25-year lease.

The dog community and a junior football team left in crises along with staff and community users of the social venue.

Ferret MUST draw to your attention to the dates this was happening in Scotland 2009 to 2011. This was all happening while Mr Jim Kenyon and his fellow members of Hemsworth Community Forum were claiming that the sports facilities being provided here in Hemsworth at Sandygate, were substandard and even refusing to accept the experts’ decisions including Sport England and the F.A. who had both inspected them.

A man of many faces, well at least two is Mr Jim Kenyon.

Many people have been taken in by this con man, a man who can make his mouth say anything, to anyone, at any time.

Ferret accepts that some people in our community will be angry and upset with themselves that they have been used by this man and for some, for over ten years.

Please do not lay the blame on yourselves, but where it belongs with Kenyon – A liar with a life time of practice.



Will we ever get a written response to our questions submitted to Independent Hemsworth Town Council and Mr Kenyon from the meeting held on 12 October 2021?

By Ferret

12 thought on “Kenyon – The destroyer…”
  1. Time to resign along with anyone who supports him. Decent people need to get together and remove this poison from our community while we still have one. This hypocrisy is so great its enormous. Independent Councillors, if you weren’t aware before about this man you are now. If he won’t go you can put pressure on him and force him out by refusing to work with him. Show us the people of Hemsworth Fitzwilliam and Kinsley you are not all the same. This is not a “party” issue but one of honestly and decency. By not acting now you are no better than him.

  2. So JK took over the Ayr stadium in April 09 with big plans for its future..and just four months later in August 09 he sacked the Hemsworth lady…leading to losing an employment tribunal re the Beeches club in Hemsworth owing over £38000 ! This was July 10…when he was still involved in the Ayr stadium! Yet he claimed to have no assets or money ? This money has still not been paid 🤔

  3. In relation to him being able to spend £500 a day without question is wrong, he can spend £1000 a day. Do we really want this bankrupt failed so called man running our council and money ?.
    Please please remember all this when it comes tk voting time.

  4. This can’t wait till voting time, needs gone asap to prevent more damage being done our community. Definitely needs all honest councillors to forget any differences and work together to remove this evil scheming piece of work.

  5. In the meantime forty two thousand pounds worth of unnecessary plant machinery sit idly doing nothing in the water park compound in fact whenever I’ve passed through there I’ve never even seen them working. Have any of the employees been trained and certified to use them

  6. Not surprised when all of the invoices for machinery said “bought as seen” They could have been knackered to start with !!

  7. That was when one of the staff that wasn’t trained to use it broke it

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