Mon. May 20th, 2024

Ferret finds it strange that someone in Hemsworth with BT Internet tried to hack into this website on a number of occasions yesterday.

Who could possibly want my website taken down?

Whoever it is used their own IP address!

Ferret can confirm, I am here to stay, bringing you more revelations every day!

By Ferret

7 thought on “Hacking…”
  1. good on you …wonder who wants away with you …youve opened the eyes of the public and the public are now noticing for themselfs …freedom of speech something our indepedant coucil cant get there heads round lol keep up the good work..

  2. Someone desperately wants you to stop revealing the truth! I wonder who?!

  3. Can I ask, since “hacking” is a serious accusation, what this person tried to do?

  4. They were trying to take the site down. I have all the logs to confirm this and the location of the person too.

  5. If you know their location, do you think you might know who it is? I’m not asking you to name them but I certainly hope you’ve an idea of who they are from their location.

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