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Ferret and others, were a little concerned that Councillor Shaun Middleton had tried to dismiss the Ferret Post, alerting this community to the Extraordinary Meeting called by Jean Eccles and with only one pertinent item on the agenda and that concerned the sale of the land at Fitzwilliam.

According to him, he suspected the post was nothing more than fear mongering.

He obviously didn’t know it for certain, as he used the word “suspected”.

He then went further and gave a firm statement that “there would have been enough Cllrs to vote to defer until the next council.”

He had obviously forgotten, that vote had already been taken at the last meeting. A vote which was now being ignored by Jean Eccles.

He then later admitted that he didn’t know how many councillors would have actually attended the meeting.

In fact, no-one could make such a statement as no-one (except mystic Jean Eccles of course) has foresight of future events.

Given the following factors:

The meeting had already been deferred until May and yet this had been ignored by Jean Eccles.

  • It was a holiday week.
  • 2 Labour councillors were unlikely to be able to attend due to illness.
  • Jean Eccles had not called this meeting unless she believed she could win any votes taken.
  • In the event of a tied vote, Jean Eccles as the Chair would have had a second casting vote.
  • The land is extremely valuable and the sale process has been blotted by discrepancies of a very serious nature.

Ferret could see nothing of value in his post and he just appeared to be trying to point score by attempting to discredit Ferret, without any evidence, to boost his own faltering ego.

He had actually gone further and again he made assumptions as to how long it would take to complete the sale and how it could be easily reversed.

We have all seen how quickly this council can complete any deals when it wants to and of course no-one in their right mind would sit back and let something happen and then have to rely on a remedy being found.

Prevention is better than a cure, as the saying goes.

It must have gone over his head, that he was actually complaining about a post, highlighting an illegal meeting.

This is not the first time he has supported the cabal, he also supported the non forensic audit against the Council resolution and he ridiculously attempted to clear the Eccles’ with his “root cause analysis” into the Christmas float debacle.

Fortunately people with more about them than him, did find the correct way to stop the meeting and didn’t just sit back and moan about those who were trying to alert this community to a potentially serious problem.

However that part is secondary to this post and for background information only, as Councillor Middleton took exception at being asked questions that he obviously didn’t want to answer and one of the answers was a beauty but it did take him two days to think it up and come back with his response!

His answer, was one of typical diversion and as usual with these tactics he attempted to become the “victim”.

When it was pointed out to him by several contributors, how inaccurate his post was and to be honest there was no justification for the accusation of fear mongering, he used these words to one person that had dared to challenge his all-knowing omnipotence.

(Shaun Middleton) “Let’s take what I said, miss out the key points I was making then post it. Just the point I was making about false profiles like yourself”

He had made the post; although it was inaccurate, it had not been twisted or selectively edited.

It is actually the last part that Ferret objects to, being made to a regular contributor of useful information to the site, unlike himself, “Just the point I was making about false profiles like yourself”.

Ferret has posted previously why pseudonyms have been used, threats including death threats have been made. Some people are constrained by work related issues and again cannot openly post in their own names even when they want to.

Ferret believes, that so long as the points raised or questions asked are valid and not abusive, the identity is irrelevant.

However, there is an exception to this and one Ferret does find unacceptable and that is when a councillor or prospective councillor uses a fake profile to mislead the electorate.

Ferret is not talking about Ian Womersley this time.

Here are a few clues:

  • Which current Labour Hemsworth Town Councillor has berated the Labour party and current M.P. Jon Trickett, on social media and even on the M.P.’s social media site?
  • Which current Labour Hemsworth Town Councillor actually canvassed in Pontefract at the last elections for the Conservative party?
    Which current Labour Hemsworth Town Councillor then stood for election to Hemsworth Town Council as an “Independent” candidate?
  • Which current Labour Hemsworth Town Councillor changed from Independent to Labour only when he thought that the Independent label was going to be tarnished and unelectable for a very long time?

It was none other than, Councillor Shaun Middleton!

Ferret is not decrying anyone being Conservative, Labour or Independent, their beliefs are theirs and they have every right to them in a democratic society.

There are fake profiles where only the name is fake, but the beliefs and opinions expressed are still their own.

Then there are fake profiles that go much deeper and in Ferret’s opinion, are much worse and simply a con trick to fool the electorate into voting for them.

The name may be real but any views expressed will depend on the audience at the time listening or the personal ambition that needs to be attained.

People can have “Hallelujah” moments in their lives and see the need to change their ways but so many changes, in so short a time is unbelievable.

What next Shaun?

There’s still plenty left to try, Green, Liberal Democrats, Monster Raving Loony…

By Ferret

2 thought on “There’s Fake Profiles and Then There’s Fake Profiles and Hypocrisy…”
  1. I have known about him for a long time, wife’s as bad up Eccles backside she even posted to Jean how lovely the waterpark was and really admired the new security fence around the lakeside. My god, but that was when the Eccles had some clout in the council. Where there’s an opportunity there’s always someone like them trying to self promote.

  2. Poor old sid, crying because he’s been rumbled and not before time. It’s been bad enough with womersley for all these years being a pretend councillors.
    Just imagine what would have happened with 2 workshy self centered councillors on the district at the same time. They should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves but they won’t be as it’s always somebody else’s fault and never theirs.

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