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Dare Ferret utter those fateful words: The lakeside Flat?

Readers of Ferret will no doubt know all about the 4 bedroom flat that came with extras:

  • Free rent.
  • Gas and electric at bargain rates.
  • A bar that can be open all hours, but only for the select few once the shutters are down.
  • The state of the are CCTV system, except when quad bikes, safes and stock disappear.
  • Free decorating.
  • Free fitted carpets.
  • Free toys from Amazon.
  • Free TV license.
  • Free plants.

Its’ tenant came from the humble beginnings of hired temporary security guard, to the dizzy heights manager of everything at Hemsworth Town Council, with the second highest salary, second only to Alan Draper at Hemsworth Town Council, despite having little to no relevant qualifications, not even any in her loft.

There was also an additional “perk or extra” to the job.

This is the same tenant that had a barrister hired to defend her case against the council when they wanted her to pay a fair rent.

The Barrister was arranged by Jim Kenyon and as usual paid for, not by him or her but by the Town Council, US in other words.

A Barrister hired by the Council to fight the case against the Council!

You couldn’t make this up, but of course Jim Kenyon can.

Now for the final “extra” from the flat that keeps on giving, apparently it has an additional person in permanent residence and Ferret believes its none other than:

Jim Kenyon.

Well as they say: Why not share the joy!

Hemsworth Independent Town Council: Look Who’s Taking The Mickey…

Ferret hopes the Town Council will take immediate and appropriate action to remedy this situation that appears to have been achieved without any declarations of interest being made by a councillor that is and has been deeply involved with an employee for the last four years.

By Ferret

11 thought on “Independent Hemsworth Town Council: Look Who’s Taking The Mickey…”
  1. Very expensive Barristers,the September accounts show the payment on 30/9/22 paid to Park Square Barristers for a staggering £16,454.88 all paid by us the community.The Town Clerk when asked by a FOI regarding the said payment gave a unable to state what or who had required the very expensive Barrister .
    Transparency not,honest response not,the expenditure on legal costs runs into hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pounds yet HTC never appear to win a case that benefits the community or maybe whilst the entire community are suffering and struggling certain people seem to be benefiting from the communities precept money.
    Please can you post on FB Thankyou.

  2. This really is taking the mick, who gave and signed off the go ahead to hire a barrister?
    Above a certain amount shouldn’t full council have been informed if not shouldn’t the town clerk have advised council? Conflict of interest rings bells here, come on HTC I cannot believe someone didn’t know what was going on well I say let’s hire a barrister to investigate certain councillors dealings within HTC it would be money well spent.and look at breeches to the tenancy agreement. Aswell.

  3. According to the town council minutes August 18th 2022

    Tenancy review
    Resolved that the legal advice be accepted and executed (unanimous).

  4. Well that doesn’t surprise me, but who else knew? Has the town clerk got the authority to sign off such a large amount why didn’t he inform council,wouldn’t a solicitor have been cheaper after all isn’t he supposed to find value for money? Not that any money should have been spent at all!
    Why did a councillor feel the need to get involved and hire a barrister anyway ? did he have the authority to hire one? , does this mean any councillors can hire a barrister ( take note Ian.) Does this now mean a member of the public can use HTC coffers to represent them? , alot of questions need answers .Councillor’s call a meeting to discuss this urgently stop any spending until May

  5. Present: Councillors Dodson, G Eccles, J Eccles, Hardacre, Hird, Hirst, Kenyon, Middleton, Moran, Pringle, A Westmorland, G Westmorland, Wilson

  6. Problem here is why would councillors feel the need to employ a barrister?? After all didn’t they agree/ apply a tenancy agreement?.Can councillors at a meeting rewrite the tenancy agreement?

  7. The staff member was totally responsible for their own defence costs. Kenyon nor the Eccles’ declared an interest. The Eccles’ go on holidays with this women and we already know Kenyon’s interest in her.
    It’s an absolute disgrace from start to finish.

  8. Anonymous

    I can only go on what was wrote in the minutes that are available online.
    So I copied and pasted – was in exclusion so no further information. This has never been discussed with parishioners so we have no knowledge until the invoices appear or minutes are published. Yet we are paying for this by using our precepts to pay barristers fees.

  9. HTC not only employ very expensive Barristers but HTC also paid with our precept money for solicitors to stay in luxury at the communities expense .As the accounts show on 17/9/19 we the community paid £294.50 for Room Hire solicitor at The Rogerthorpe Manor Hotel and again the Town Clerk would have signed the cheque with the communities money.
    The community pot as certainly been spent well just a shame it’s not been on the community.
    Please can you post on FB Thankyou.

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