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Ferret and some of our residents have been concerned for quite a while now and wondered why accounts, agendas and minutes of meetings have regularly been disappearing from the Hemsworth Town Council webpage where they should be displayed for anyone who wants to view them.

We have seen alterations made to both agendas and minutes and itemised accounts have been spotted with double and even treble entries for the same items.

Now to the disappearing accounts, the June 2021 accounts have been missing for quite a while, but fear not, for that intrepid re-inventor of the truth that is Alan Draper, has restored them to their rightful place where our eyes can behold them once more.

However we have a problem, and we really should have an explanation forthcoming, as they have been edited again for some reason, even though they should have been audited in their original format and apparently were deemed by those in charge as ok.

Ferret wonders if Alan draper’s disappearances or if his repetitive strain injuries to his fingers have anything to do with his increased workload of having to try to get his house in order before the real forensic accountants get to see them?

Ferret really doesn’t know why he’s bothered, after all the real tech guys can tell just when, where and how those documents have changed…

By Ferret

13 thought on “Independent Hemsworth Town Council: The Mystery Of The Disappearing Accounts…”
  1. Are the parishioners surprised at what the HTC are covering,hiding shredding and destroying no the parishioners are not.Are the parishioners shocked at this being revealed no because the parishioners have known over the last 4 years that something very serious was going on with the HTC and the Town Clerks office.The accounts the spending should now be fully investigated at whatever the cost by full forensic auditors it is what the community asked for and everything should be handed over to the experts and either clear any doubts or prove any quilt.
    The community needs to see ALL the good councillors onboard to do this and not be dismissive of what the community is asking for them to do,something is seriously wrong and you Elected councillors cannot and must not ignore it some of you get your blinkers off and serve the community it’s what you were elected to do,remember VOTES are due but a councillor needs to prove they are worthy of the community’s VOTES.

  2. Julie you are absolutely right once again. What really surprises me is how many times the newer councillors have been made to look so stupid by Draper, Kenyon and the Eccles and yet they are still being taken in by them. In fact even covering up for them. And it’s not little things either they have either deliberately or stupidly helped them conceal. The forensic audit for one and the Xmas float another. There are others too. Hard to understand how they made the decisions they did even harder to understand their actions even now. They should be shouting the truth loud and clear and not hiding in the background still making excuses for them.

  3. Looking at the old June report against the new June report, it looks as though the BACS payment figures for June 21 (£30,247.68 – signed off on 5.8.21) have been replaced with the BACS payment figures for July 21 (33,940.04 – not signed off at all).
    So all the payments on the June 21 BACS run have disappeared from the website.
    What was in there that might be incriminating?
    Very odd goings on. Totally unacceptable.
    There’s a Fraud Policy (Appendix 5 in the Staff Handbook) if any councillors are interested. This guidance is addressed to Staff Members but as it advises:
    “All staff should address their suspicions to the town clerk who has responsibility for internal control.”,
    it’s hardly likely to be effective in this instance, is it?!

  4. Let’s see which councillors stand up and make a statement,and let’s see which councillors shy away and do nothing and pretend it will all go away and disappear in May much like all the evidence seems to be.Time to show our community you are worthy to represent us and want honesty and Transparency like the community wants time to speak up and not just on your electioneering campaign leaflets time you good councillors showed the community you want to put the community first and after all we will have the final say who is fit to be our councillors so sort this mess out no excuses we have heard and seen enough.
    Please can you post on FB Thankyou.

  5. After Thursday’s leisure & recreation meeting ( 2nd March ) and everything after – I have lost what little respect I had for some councillors and the Town clerk – will it stop me attending these meetings, where we are told openness & transparency takes place & we can ask the questions we would like answering.
    The answer is you can bet your bottom dollar it won’t stop me from attending and asking those difficult questions.
    I pay my precept and expect it to be spent wisely and with due diligence at the fore front, on things required for ALL the village’s & amenities.
    See you Thursday – now back to checking the accounts 🕵️‍♀️🔍

  6. Well said Cathy,certain councillors and the Town Clerk would like to see all the parishioners who attend the meetings and question what’s going off disappear, and wouldn’t they just like no parishioners to attend the meetings and voice our concerns,shame some of the councillors are not voicing their concerns and remain blinkered,we know which councillor is trying to correct all the wrong doings on the communities behalf my question to the rest of you councillors what exactly are you all doing and it doesn’t need answering in EXCLUSION.

  7. I’m seriously concerned about the balance on the Reserves.
    The councillors argue between themselves how much money the council have.
    They promised to publish the true figures in the January minutes – they haven’t.
    I’ve asked questions using the FoI rights but still don’t have the full picture.
    Something is badly amiss here.
    The opening balances should be the same as the closing balances – but they’re not!
    Then in April it seems that a huge chunk just disappeared!
    Given all the information I have, it looks to me as though the current balance on the Reserve account is around £100,000, and they are looking to spend even more from this on Thursday.
    On top of this, I’ve used all the monthly Income and Expenditure reports we have (and used estimates for the information we don’t yet have) and it looks like the year end over spend will be significantly greater than £200,000!!
    This dire financial position isn’t even spoken about in council meetings!! Do they know?
    Instead – they just continue to spend money which, it seems to me, we haven’t got.
    Please, please please – will the Councillors wake up and sort this mess, and allow us to see them sorting this mess?!

  8. What I don’t get is why people still listen to Kenyon. He’s the one that always says there’s plenty of money. Former bankrupt, failed business man many times over, proven liar and yet still able to take people in.
    An absolute disgrace of a cretin, as bright as a broken lamp.

  9. Omg just read the agenda for the Finance meeting on 9/3/23 they cannot be serious it’s a bankruptcy notice waiting to happen.Surely the councillors will not be voting to spend spend spend surely the good councillors will vote to BLOCK and STOP the outrageous spending on the agended items till after the elections.Now we will see how much the councillors value our community if they go ahead with the ridiculous spending.
    But hold on No the community won’t see it ,will all be in EXCLUSION EXCLUSION.

  10. Anonymous
    The agenda for Thursday meeting is now available- if you are correct with your figures that are in the Reserves then I can’t see how they can vote to have this work approved. Especially since the paths, replacement pedalos and work on the beach etc already spoke about and some agreed in principle until quotes approved.
    Where is this magic money tree 🌳 because I think we would all like some of it.

  11. Julie, Cathy we can all 3 of us see what will happen on Thursday. I think we could all list the councillors here and now who will show their true colours! It will be good to have our suspicions confirmed and allow the voting public what some of their councillors are like! There will be no surprises for many of us though.

  12. Believe its for the town clerk to advise council on expenditure whether they listen to him is another matter, if funds are not available he should point blank say its not possable/affordable JK keeps going on about buying this spending that and the town clerk just sits there Don’t know is salary but he needs to higher the bar on all levels.

  13. Please read the HTC financial Regulations the RFO town clerk 1.1_1.12
    The last paragraph risk management remind me again but how much allegedly has the waterpark lost.
    But please read the whole document.

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