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The Hemsworth Town Council Leisure and Recreation meeting scheduled for the 2 March 2023 has an agenda containing items that can only be described as originating from clown school or the Kenyon Skool of Komics.

Whilst we still have a large number of items requiring attention, that are seriously overdue our cabal controlled Town Clerk, Alan Draper has placed the following items for discussion and consideration at the meeting:

To consider the following items:

06) Bonfire night

To consider having low noise (silent Fireworks)

Well this can’t have come from the mouths of Kenyon and Eccles as low noise and silence isn’t in their vocabulary.

Perhaps Wilson, Pringle or Hirst may have mimed it?

Never the less, it may or may not be a good idea with regards to animals, perhaps a public consultation may provide the answer?

Then again some friend of a friend’s relation may just have a job lot they wish clear, obviously at a bargain high price, who knows?

09) Hemsworth Waterpark

C) possible renaming of Hemsworth Waterpark.

Ferret understands this has previously been discussed by our Councillors in exclusion of press and public (in secret of course), and was quite rightly dismissed out of hand.

Yet here we have it again for some reason?

The reason is probably because it originates from Kenyon’s friend and Waterpark manager Sam Knowles, the one that gets the free rent.

Maybe she wants a “grander” name for her residence?

Ferret finds it alarming that at least one of our alleged “good” councillors also seems to be in favour of this change – Maybe he could explain his reasons why, from his own Facebook profile and not the fake one he has recently been using?

Apparently it’s because a Waterpark means swimming is available, so does this mean everywhere that has a lake must not mention water?

Then again it may be not a bad idea perhaps we could rename it as:

Mystic Jean’s emporium and private park or perhaps the Kenyon and Knowles fantasyland park.

Perhaps readers may have better ideas?

But bear in mind, that the founders who worked so hard to create the Waterpark would not be pleased that a name that it has held since it’s opening in 1989, which has become so well known by our own community and further afield, should be suddenly dumped by the “cabal”.

After all, anyone outside the area can soon see with a few clicks of a mouse or taps on a phone just what is available to enjoy there.

Finally, the money for new signage and paperwork can and should be better spent elsewhere.

E) Car Park Charges

Again one of the first things that the Kenyon Cabal did was to abolish car parking charges at the Waterpark.

The only problem was, that our own residents already didn’t pay for parking, because a parking permit at a cost of £2 gave them “free” parking for life.

So who did benefit from this?

People from outside the area previously had to pay £3 a visit so they would have been very happy, but that came at a loss to us of approximately £30000 per year in revenue.

Money that was no longer available to repair the car park or paths when needed or subsidise anything else required.

There is also another possibility:

Remember our money being used to clear and repair the Eccles’ Farmers car park at Kinsley, allegedly for free use but charged for parking from the very first event?

Just think how much that could have put into Mystic Jean’s grasping palms, if it had not been brought to the public’s attention by Ferret and others.

Now that the Eccles have withdrawn use of the car park for our community, it comes as no surprise that as there is no money to be gained from it, charges can be restored back at the Waterpark.

Another “u turn” from that great businessman Kenyon and his cabal colleagues, whatever the real reason is.

F) Waterpark Income

Once again Ferret expects record income to be announced, to be able to finance anything the cabal councillors require, but as usual no mention of expenditure.

From figures released by Alan Draper, the Waterpark and Lakeside Café Bar are on track to make an expected year-end total loss which will add to the already announced £400000 for the last few years.

Ferret does not believe this figure includes all the items that rightly should be attributed to its overheads either, including the immense salary of the General Manager – Samantha Knowles, her free rent nor free utilities.

G) Pest Control

Ferret is all for this and wonders if they can extend this service to include certain councillors, after all we already do a personal garbage and waste removal for the Eccles?

Hemsworth Independent Town Council: An Agenda Fit For A Clown – Part 3 to follow…

By Ferret

One thought on “Hemsworth Independent Town Council: An Agenda Fit For A Clown – Part 2…”
  1. The more the community reads the worse it gets and the total destruction of our communities assets and destruction of our communities money makes for shocking reading.The HTC cabal as destroyed the very heart of what use to be the jewel in the communities crown our Hemsworth Water Park and now we find a certain ex chair and friend want to change its name and even more disturbing is one of what the parishioners thought was a good councillor wants to vote and do the same ,wonder if this good councillor wants to keep the licence also.Time all this exclusion and decision making without the very people who should have a say stopped,time the councillors listened to what the parishioners have to say we know who does listen and care we also know who doesn’t ,elections are coming and votes are needed wonder how many of our councillors will suddenly acknowledge the community exist and be suddenly visible and approachable in the coming weeks but the community have seen over the last 4 years just how visible and approachable certain councillors have been and the community in May can have the final say by VOTING for change and the right councillors who can give our community back to all and not the self indulgent,wastage ,destructive ,secretive Independents we have unfortunately had to endure .Votes are the communities rights for change and our Votes won’t be in exclusion.

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