Mon. May 20th, 2024

A big thank you to the members of our community who voted in the recent poll on Ferret.

Firstly, a reminder of the question posed:

Should the Lakeside Café Bar continue to have a licence to sell alcohol?

The results:

Yes (20%)

No (80%)

Ferret thinks that these numbers speak for themselves.

The Community didn’t want the Lakeside Café being transformed into the Lakeside Café 60’s pub in 2019 by Kenyon, Eccles, Womersley and the rest of the cabal – and they don’t want it now.

Over to you Councillors…

By Ferret

4 thought on “Lakeside Café Bar alcohol licence…the result”
  1. This is just a snap shot of people’s opinion and the councillors need to look hard at the result if it was an actual vote it would be a landslide. The question now is does the licence get renewed, if it is to be renewed then a whole new business plan needs drafting up (not done in a taproom by the few) one approved by all the councillors. Existing management out who are deemed not up to the job and people put in with proven experience. On the other hand don’t renew , has the parishioners want, me personally just want that awful fencing removed total eyesore no friendly appeal whatsoever, gives the prison impression.

  2. The community have spoken by voting NO to the Lakeside licence the community have let their wishes and feelings known by voting NO ,let’s see if the councillors are listening to the community’s views and wishes and vote to get the licence removed and give the lakeside back to all the community to share and enjoy as it should be and not the chosen view.
    The community’s votes do count councillors may be worth remembering that when you all vote.

  3. I like a drink but not at this cost to the community. Cut the losses, shut the bar and remove the fence before the spring and summer comes. Start to make people feel welcome in their own park again. A new waterpark manager would help also.

  4. New management,a total over haul into its running is required all involving public consultation not just councillors in exclusion.Think the community as suffered enough at the dealings and goings on in exclusion.The councillors all need to listen to the parishioners views and wishes we know who the true community councillors are that do listen and are totally committed to serving the community but the parishioners also know the councillors that do not put the community first only themselves.Total Transparency should be the word of election campaigning and after 4 years of secrecy,self indulgence and exclusion time for complete change into the running of HTC and the parishioners can VOTE to bring in the much needed changes.

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