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Readers will no doubt remember the full forensic audit which proven liar and financial buffoon Jim Kenyon had commissioned into the “Last Lot”, to you and me the previous Labour Led Town Council back in May 2019.

When finally released, after much delay by the cabal of Independents it became clear why – It found ABSOLOUTLEY NOTHING UNTOWARD – They were exonerated of all the wrongdoings which they had been accused of by Kenyon, Pringle and Womersley for at least ten years.

This was a FULL FORENSIC AUDIT. A forensic audit which left no stone unturned and actually went looking for instances of fraud, deception and scams.


Due to concerns highlighted by our community into the financial dealings at Independent Hemsworth Town Council, led by Jim Kenyon and latterly Jean Eccles a Full Forensic Audit was ordered at a Town Council meeting.

For reasons which we are all aware of, Independent Hemsworth Town Council, specifically Jim Kenyon and Alan Draper decided to go against the decision made at the meeting and appoint an ACCOUNTANT of their choice to conduct an ‘audit’.

The resultant report, which confirmed more than once as being ‘NON FORENSIC’, was compiled from a small sample of evidence provided by non-other than the people accused of the financial miss management!

However, the report did highlight 12 areas of financial practice which were not satisfactory, oh how Alan Draper, Jim Kenyon and Jean Eccles must have regretted their choice of accountant, Ferret bets they won’t make the same mistake again.

So, What changed from May 2019, which led to at least 12 instances of financial mismanagement?

Answers on a postcard to Alan Draper, Jean Eccles and Jim Kenyon c/o Independent Hemsworth Town Council…

By Ferret

6 thought on “What went wrong…”
  1. Questions to be answered is why they were allowed to bring their specific choice of Accountant in and also be very selective on which financial accounts and invoices were submitted for checking.The public and good councillors wanted a full Forensic Audit and definitely not run by the two people this community do not trust.Only time will tell when the true mismanagement of the communities financial money will come to light and it won’t make for good reading.The spend ,spend,spend attitude over the last 4 years on self indulgent vanity projects is going to take years to recover from,the repairs the renewals the putting back to the community the loss and destruction the Independents have caused will take time but the community will have the final say and not The Town Clerk or Councillor Kenyon and it’s the community who can VOTE the right councillors to work for the community and not themselves.Roll on May.

  2. Julie, they were allowed to bring in who they wanted because they weren’t opposed quite simple, I can remember certain councillors (good councillors) 🤔 agreeing and fully endorsing there decisions I wonder what they think now?,?,put another way the parisoners will wasn’t endorsed and won’t be!! , come May don’t get your hope’s up for another audit because you might be disappointed

  3. Think some more of the financial mess will come to light before May and won’t need another Audit to let the community see the disastrous,financial mess the HTC Independents have caused,they appear to believe they are in the clear with the not so full forensic audit but the truth will out at some stage and hopefully the right action will be taken .The parishioners only have to start checking the monthly accounts for themselves to see the huge wastage of communities money the huge food costs ,the spend ,spend ,spend month after month till the pot and reserves have run dry,it needs more parishioners saying enough is enough challenge the Town Clerk for answers and the community can have the final say who runs our HTC by VOTING the money wasting lot OUT.

  4. Julie, if you read what I wrote the audit was endorsed by the good councillors as well , yes more will come out and will anger us and I believe the lot read these comments and have a laugh but may be one day we will have the last laugh . One of the problems is not everyone is on social media or the Internet so is unaware what is going on I say let’s push for the notice boards and insists monthly accounts are exhibited so all can see.

  5. Something different
    The other day saw another tree being felled next to the pond and the wood being cut to handling managble sizes and being loaded up .where as this wood gone?? anyone know , perhaps its gone I to storage for next year 🤔 5th November. Why are these trees being felled because tree’s can only be cut down under certain conditions.

  6. Anonymous totally agree 100% about the NOTICEBOARDS have been onto the Town clerk now with 4 FOIs regarding the lack of information ,events,dates and help advice reaching parishioners not on social media and not receiving the never delivered but paid for twice NEWSLETTERS.We now know he ordered only 2 at a cost of £2,670 and then informed us that one was not going to be erected in the precinct the main place for footfall and parishioners would be able to read and know what HTC is doing with the communities money I am informed that now one will be placed in the precinct but planning permission will be needed more delays.
    Totally 100% agree the monthly accounts should be available for all to see and placing it on the NOTICEBOARDS gives everyone the knowledge where the spending is occurring,perhaps sending in an FOI ,email request to the Town Clerk as a valid suggestion to be put to council would be a great service for the community,I would imagine certain councillors would not be laughing at the prospect of all the community seeing the wastage on spending our community money.

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