Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Ferret finds it very strange indeed that for some reason the agenda for the extra-ordinary Town Council meeting which was held on 19th December 2022, has been removed from the Hemsworth Town Council webpage.

No explanation is posted as to why it has been removed and no minutes posted of a very interesting meeting, although short, that led to the walk out by the non cabal councillors due to the lack of action being taken against a member of the public for unacceptable behaviour.

Ferret will not call him a “gentleman” as the term would be inappropriate.

David Pringle, the former special advisor to Hemsworth Town Council, would be councillor and husband of current Hemsworth Town Councillor Linda Pringle, was at his obnoxious worst.

No one is too small or too old for Pringle, in fact he prefers it.

So, Hemsworth Town Council why have you not named and shamed him?

In fact, they have done the complete opposite and removed all evidence from history and public view.

Well what’s that saying “Birds of a feather flock together”.

Hemsworth Town Council : Missing agenda and Minutes

Oh how proud of you and him Councillor Linda Pringle must be…

By Ferret

8 thought on “Hemsworth Town Council: Missing agenda and Minutes…”
  1. Perhaps a councillor can shed some light as to why this as happened 🤔, or is it one of those decisions made behind close doors.

  2. They do flock together but flocks do get disbanded and the sooner the better to get this lot out.The public were treated to an early Christmas pantomime on the 19/12/22 although a very quick one that finished before it started.The clown was on hand to bring the curtain down almost as if it had been staged before Councillor Kenyon had reached his seat.
    The good councillors sincerely apologised to the public who had attended and explained their decision to walk out and leave the abusive clown to have no audience and the public showed the good councillors support by walking out with them.Strange though the Town Clerk sat right in front of the show forgot to press the start zoom button to gather evidence and record it ,now it appears no agenda and no minutes can’t think why,good job a member of the public pressed their start button on their phone ,that evidence won’t disappear.

  3. There will be no disappearing meetings in future, Julie, now my video equipment no longer has to rely on the flaky internet connection at the community centre.

  4. Hope Lynn the video is recorded and can be streamed afterwards, but thinking out aloud it wouldn’t surprise me if they haven’t already trawled the HTC policy on recording and videoing meetings to see if it’s acceptable.

  5. Our community owes you a huge Thankyou Lyn for all your time,hard work and commitment ensuring that parishioners unable to attend the council meetings are able to see and hear and have a say on what this community needs and deserves.Certain councillors would prefer it all done in exclusion away from eyes and ears of the public and what you are doing Lyn is an immense service for the public and our community Thankyou long May it continue.May being the community’s time to change by VOTING for hard,decent,committed true community councillors.

  6. Hi anonymous, I’ve been doing this for 18 months and it is done very much according to the law about public and press access.

    I don’t have a recording of what actually happened at that particular meeting as the Internet connection went down so the livestream couldn’t connect.

  7. I too thank you Lyn for the recordings. The community are very lucky that you do this. 👍

  8. I have said this many times,
    thank you Lyn for doing this at your own expense and giving up your time to carry out this. Even when you’ve not been feeling 100%. 👏👏⭐️

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