Mon. May 20th, 2024

As reported previously, it was very disturbing that such a burglary could go unnoticed with the amount of costly security measures allegedly in place and the noise that the break in must have generated by the breaking of roller shutter door, for example:

  • CCTV systems in place
  • Alarm Systems that failed to sound or were not set
  • Entrance gates that were seemingly unlocked
  • Security on site that failed to hear or see any activity apparently.

This was very surprising as the store that was badly damaged is adjacent to where the security staff is based and the quad was actually loaded onto a vehicle, all apparently going unheard even though in close proximity.

Even the police were unable to answer why the alarm hadn’t sounded.

Entries in the accounts show the following additional costs that must be borne by this community as a result of this criminal activity in addition to any known costs:

07/11/2022 Rapid Secure – Break in at the Waterpark  £240

and on the:

24/11/2022 Rapid Secure – Emergency call out: Break in at the Waterpark £240.

What does seem odd is the double billing for the same amount?

Perhaps someone at Hemsworth Town Council would like to explain this and also release the findings of any investigation they have presumably undertaken to explain the failings of the people and systems in place that allowed this event to go unchallenged.

Hemsworth Town Council: The Break In and Additional Costs and Questions.

Ferret won’t hold any breath waiting for any answers…

By Ferret

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