Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Ferret was surprised to see that Hemsworth Town Council have purchased an additional bodycam listed in the accounts on the 24/11/22.

Why they should need another one is anybody’s guess, but the price was alarmingly high for a single cam and docking station.

Your choice fire and security £3889.34 – Additional bodycam and docking station.

With just a few clicks Ferret was able to find the following:

The Hytera VM780 Complete BodyCam Kit provides everything you need to get up and running with a secure body-worn video system for 6 users.

This bundle includes:

6 x Hytera VM780 Body Cameras (16GB)

1 x MCL30 Multi Charging Docking Station (for 6 units)

1 x Smart MDM Evidence Management Software License 

Price  £2,687.75 GBP excluding VAT.

In fact, prices start from as little as £432 for a 10 port docking station and £179 for a single bodycam.

Also, how many bodycams did Hemsworth Town Council own, given that these items are listed as additional and just what have they been purchased for?

What was also concerning was the purchase included VAT which Hemsworth Town Council would be able to reclaim.

VAT being charged and paid by Hemsworth Town Council to some companies that do not seem to be registered is a long standing issue that still requires full and proper investigation along with the amounts being reclaimed to see if the figures match.

It seems a resident has also shared Ferret’s concerns regarding the cost of the Bodycam and Docking station and asked Hemsworth Town Council’s clerk, Alan Draper to provide the make and model numbers of this purchase.

It will come as no surprise to most readers that Mr Draper has refused to release the information.

On what genuine grounds could he withhold this information?

Why should he even want to withhold this information?

What was it that was promised by the Independent Cabal when they were seeking election?

Oh yes that’s right, openness and transparency 🙂

Ferret remembers the saying “the truth is out there”, perhaps our councillors will instruct Draper to release this information and also if they will personally check that the make and model number supplied match that on the camera, docking station and if the refund from HMRC has been received and documented by Hemsworth Town Council.

Given the failure by Hemsworth Town Council security to even monitor its fixed and existing CCTV systems or even ensure alarms are on or gates are locked it must be asked:

What’s the real Point and usage of this equipment being bought so close to an election in May?

Hemsworth Town Council: Bodycams, Openness and Transparency?
It looks like we’re playing Hide and Seek once again…

By Ferret

3 thought on “Hemsworth Town Council: Bodycams, Openness and Transparency…”
  1. Unfortunately the Zoom was interrupted again at last nites meeting and vital questions from members of the public were no heard by the community.Questions that queried the reasoning behind buying such expensive bodycam equipment and the answers were short and swift from Mr Draper as usual.The safety of using was asked ,the legalities of using was asked all to no avail NO full answers given from the Town Clerk.As the reserves or lack of them were disclosed and the disastrous financial mess 4yrs of the Independant run HTC as got this council in leading to the 23/24 budget requiring to increase our communities precept a question was asked after councillor Kenyon tried to intervene with his fairy land fabricated figures why are the council continuing to spend spend spend and keep ploughing money into the loss making Lakeside £14.000 new fridgefreezer,quote £108,000 central heating,£54,000 new paths and don’t forget they want 12 new pedalos,surely spending should be stopped,suspended frozen till May hopefully all this is to be on next agenda.The only agenda should be the communities agenda and that will be in May when our VOTES will stop their spending and our VOTES will bring in changes our community deserves .

  2. Spend, Spend and more spending got to harvest hay while the sun 🌞. It might be raining in May.

  3. On the evidence to be produced and shared with the community it may be raining before May.

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