Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Ferret thought that as we have a new and entitled Chair of Hemsworth Town Council and as Christmas is coming, it would be appropriate to give a brief résumé  of just a few of the highlights or lowlights of their time in public office in line with the Ferret tradition.
These are anything but fully inclusive or exhaustive.

On the ninth day of Eccles’Mess…

Ferret made readers aware of the “cunning plan” hatched by the expert liar Jim Kenyon when the heat was getting too hot for him to endure as Chair of the Council, to replace him with her “entitledship” Jean Eccles.

What a star pupil she has been, the lies and abuse proliferate from her mouth and the volume gets louder by the week. Just like Jim she hurls abuse and lies at anything and anyone she perceives as blocking or exposing her shortcomings and failures.

The now infamous “scum” remark that she later denied making despite of it being recorded is just one example of the lies that flow forth.

The community need to remember that she was assisted in election due the abstention of the newly elected Councillor and self professed “charity” owner Shane Folletti.

Ferret wonders if he’s found those accounts yet to show the community who have donated so much for so many years to him or even registered as a bona fide charity?

Oh how things could have been so much different with a proper community minded councillor being elected…

By Ferret

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